8 Privacy Screen Solutions to Keep Your Home Hidden from Thy Neighbour

8 Privacy Screen Solutions to Keep Your Home Hidden from Thy Neighbour

8 Privacy Screen Solutions to Keep Your Home Hidden from Thy Neighbour

Australia’s real estate is a booming industry. And while properties tend to go bigger and higher while plot sizes decrease in size, there is also a huge tendency for your privacy to be compromised.

According to lawsociety.com.au, In NSW, “there is no legal right to public privacy.  So, if a neighbour can see into your backyard, they’re allowed to look at or listen to what’s going on…  Besides asking your neighbour to stop, one thing you may be able to do is to try to block their view by building a higher fence”.  Of the two options, the one that will put you in better control of your privacy is building a higher fence.  However, the construction of a privacy screen is also a suitable alternative to block thy neighbours.

If you’re interested to know the best privacy screen solutions that can keep you away from the prying eyes of your neighbours, this infographic features 8 of the privacy screens that have been derived from the 2-part article series published by House of Bamboo. Privacy issues among neighbours is not just a matter of giving others easy access to the things that you’d want to keep private. There are times that they also result in constant arguments and conflict among people within the same community.


8 Privacy Screen Solutions to Keep Your Home Hidden from Thy Neighbour

The good news is, you can enjoy privacy while at the comforts of your home with these privacy screen solutions:


1. Bamboo Rod Privacy Screen

 For privacy screen solutions that don’t block the view, bamboo rod privacy screen is your best choice. It provides the privacy you need while allowing filtered light to pass        through and allows easy removal when needed. It can also be used to add more height to your existing fence.

      Usesproperty fence, pool fence, or privacy screen

2. Timber Slatted Screens

A great alternative to bamboo rod screens, this privacy screen solution gives a clean and contemporary look to update your fencing. Flexible and bendable, this pre-made screen can be used for a range of purposes including hiding ugly garbage bins and air conditioning units.

     Usesstandalone screening, horizontal or vertical installation, fencing and pool fencing

3. Contemporary Screening

If you are after sustainability and elegance, this contemporary privacy screen provides different levels of privacy depending on your requirements. Pre-made, lightweight and allows easy installation from fencing to balconies and around pools.

    Uses: Internal and external, entryways, vertical, horizontal applications, fencing and pool fencing

4. Natureshade Sienna Series

This attractive privacy screen solution features an elegant curved Natureed® canopy that is built on high-quality stainless frame and attached to a single metal pole, allowing it to be rotated 360 degrees and angled at any angle up to 90 degrees. It is designed to adjust to the sun’s position, plus, the attractive filtered light created by its design.

   Usesfor narrow spaces, properties next to towering buildings, pool shadin

5. Bamboo Poles

Bamboo poles are available in a variety of diameters and lengths, making them a versatile privacy screen solution. By staining and adding a protective layer to the bamboo poles, they’d last long even when used outdoors.

   Usestemporary or permanent screening for events, interior design, and landscaping

6. Outdoor Blinds

Take advantage of a stunning design that allows the air to flow through and filters the sun’s rays while ensuring your privacy. This is a functional and stylish solution that comes with the convenience of light and air passing through.

   Usesindoor and outdoor use, fits modern and contemporary home

7. Multi-function Portable Screens for Outdoors

If what you need is a privacy screen solution that you can easily move anytime you want, this is for you. Portable and can easily fit into small spaces to suit your needs.

   Useswindows, balconie

8. Decorative Screens

Add privacy right into your home without sacrificing design and aesthetics. If what you need is a beautiful addition to your property, you can take advantage of decorative screens that also work as shading solutions.

   Usesoutdoor screening, gardens, pools, landscaping


Have you found the privacy screen solutions that are suited to your needs? Contact us so we can help you in finding the best options on privacy screens.

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