House of Bamboo® offers Australia’s most varied collection of classic and new natural materials.

Our quality range encompasses bamboo fencing, fence cladding, bamboo screens, privacy screening, overhead shading, furniture and bamboo flooring. All of our high quality products are environmentally appropriate, thoughtfully designed and competitively priced.

The materials are easy to work with and bring natural texture and beauty to any commercial or residential interior or exterior space. Our mission at House of Bamboo® is to provide high quality natural materials, which can be integrated into contemporary settings, bringing a peaceful natural ambience and beauty.

With over 45 years of eco-friendly commitment in Australia, House of Bamboo® offers extensive experience in sustainable indoor and outdoor design solutions. Whether you are in the industry or a DIY renovator, our aim is to help you find a solution to your building needs.

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Our History

House of Bamboo® has more than thirty-five years experience working with bamboo and natural sustainable materials. In fact, in the seventies, we pioneered the trend to bamboo and originally operated under the name Bambuzit®, (Bamboo is it!!).

Our Sydney based company has been a well known reliable treasure trove to professionals in the Australian design, building and film industries searching for natural sustainable materials.

In the last decade, the company has traded under the name House of Bamboo®. Our bamboo screening, shading, cladding, furniture, bamboo fencing and bamboo decking have all been well integrated into the Landscaping Industry, where prominent designers and landscape architects have widely utilised these natural products in varied landscape themes.

House of Bamboo® has also developed an extremely loyal following of DIY home renovators due to the ever-increasing ease and appeal of our products.

With the exclusive Australian rights to the unique natural reed material known as Natureed®, which has featured widely in the media and across the design and landscape industry, House of Bamboo® has come to enjoy a positive reputation amongst Australia’s well known landscape designers.

High profile Australians, such as Jamie Durie, Rick Eckersley, Brendan Moar and Phillip O’Malley have all used and profiled the company’s specialist bamboo products.

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