Beauty In Diversity With Kempas

kempas and decorative screens

Beauty In Diversity With Kempas

Here at the House of Bamboo showroom in Botany, we chat with lots of people about their fencing projects.

Many individuals find it hard deciding which one of our beautiful materials to choose and some couples like different products to each other.

The solution?

Mix it up!

Black Bamboo rod screens

Black Bamboo Rod Screens combo fence


Some of our most stunning fence projects blend a mixture of materials to create diversity and a point of interest which takes fence design to another level, and the most popular product to combine with is kempas.

Kempas Plantation Timber

These projects utilise plantation hardwood timber, called kempas.

Kempas excelsa is a large tree which can reach 60 m in height with species occurring through Borneo, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The timber is initially pink when cut which later deepens to a distinctive orange-brown.

These kempas timber slatted screens are exclusive to House of Bamboo and give an elegant look and feel to fencing. The reddish colour works perfectly with black bamboo, natural bamboo, decorative laser screens and Natureed®. With the slats running vertically the screens are flexible and often used to hide unsightly areas such as dustbins or pool pumps.

By installing with the slats running horizontally you can achieve a height of 2400mm to gain extra privacy.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this round-up of combination fencing materials and feel inspired to beautify your fences!

Kempas hardwood screening

You can shop for kempas screens in our online store as well as the other fencing materials shown here such as Natureed® and black bamboo rod screens.

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