Come celebrate World Bamboo Day with House of Bamboo

World Bamboo Day

Come celebrate World Bamboo Day with House of Bamboo

This Friday 18th September is  World Bamboo Day!

It’s time to champion bamboo,  it’s got the beauty and the brains!



No other plant has the potential to have such a positive impact on our planet and our future than bamboo.

As the world’s most sustainable building material, bamboo gives back more to the earth than it takes.

It’s the fastest growing plant on earth, soaking up 4 times as much CO2 as it grows than timber does.

It also produces 35% more oxygen than timber.

You can harvest bamboo after just 6-7 years, so it produces 10 harvests for everyone harvest you get from a timber forest.


Bamboo regrows from its own root system, combating soil erosion and retaining water in the ground.

It grows without chemical fertilisers or pesticides and can be harvested by hand in small village communities.

Those communities rely on the bamboo they produce to sustain themselves, making bamboo part of the circular economy,

giving you a clear conscience whenever you buy it.

Come celebrate World Bamboo Day this Friday or Saturday at our Botany showroom.


We’re inviting everyone in to have a look at all the amazing products we create from the world’s most sustainable building material.

You’ll discover incredible ways to style and enhance your home with shading, screening, cladding, decking, flooring and other products all created from bamboo.

And to make it a party – we’re teamed up with the local Botany community for the day, so you have a one-stop-shop for home and happy!


You’ll get a FREE token for an AWARD-WINNING  XPA * at  One Drop Brewing Company next door.


One Drop Brewing Company

Come have a drink on us!

Plus, we’ll also give you a discount voucher for 20% OFF ethically sourced

deckchairs and outdoor furniture from Ici et la, another Botany Icon!*


Ici et la

20% off Ici et la Deckchairs and Ethically Sourced Outdoor Furniture

And we want to give you the bamboo goods too!

You’ll also take home one of our beautiful engineered bamboo tea flasks to remind you every day that bamboo is simply amazing.


*One voucher per person. Must be over the age of 18. One Drop has the right to refuse service for the responsible service of alcohol.  Only valid 18/9/20-19/9/20





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