Thought we might share this little story with you…

Customers today do a huge amount of research online before making a decision on which flooring supplier to use and House of Bamboo® customers are no different. One such customer contacted us completely confused: prices varied, there were claims of quality differences, hardness ratings varied and everyone claimed the quality of their flooring was the best, not to mention sustainability and following industry standards (FSC certification).

We suggested that she would read our latest blog post: “Bamboo flooring -Pros and cons” as it might give her some additional information. Still undecided, she asked her husband what he thought.
“It’s simple!” he said,  fetched a hammer and bashed the sample pieces of bamboo flooring they were holding. Ours was the only one that stayed intact!
After that the decision was easy: Go with quality! Go with House of Bamboo® of course!
Not that we recommend taking a hammer to your floor… 🙂


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