Engineered bamboo – a modern twist on an ancient wonder

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Engineered bamboo – a modern twist on an ancient wonder

Bamboo is already an amazing product. For thousands of years it has been used all over the world as a building material, as fibre for clothing, made into household utensils or even used as food. It’s hard to imagine there is anything new that could be done with one of the world’s most sustainable building materials.

But there is.

Bamboo has a unique combination of strength, flexibility and lightness that cannot be matched by any other material on earth.

Now new technological innovations in engineered bamboo mean it is being turned into something quite remarkable – timber-like slats that are as versatile as wood, but much lighter, making them a far superior alternative to timber.

So how is bamboo “engineered”?

First, when the bamboo is harvested, it is cut into long thin strips that are quite flat. The strips are then bonded together using resin to make lengths of engineered bamboo.

The way the strips of bamboo are joined together reinforces the inherent properties of bamboo which is already stronger than steel!

These timber-like slats can then be used as a wonderful replacement for timber.

At House of Bamboo we use them for creating beautiful new ways to build privacy screens, pool compliant fencing, internal and external wall facias, shading and ceiling products and so much more.

Engineered bamboo has many of the same strengths as timber but is so much lighter making it ideal for use in so many different ways.

It can be cut to any desired length or supplied as sections mounted on aluminium battens for easy installation.

One of the key secrets of engineered bamboo from the House of Bamboo is that unlike other products, our resin is 90% organic.

Our aim for our range of engineered bamboo was to produce a product that once it has served its useful life, can be returned to the earth and decay naturally like whole bamboo would.

Other engineered bamboo products use glues and resins that are essentially toxic meaning once the material is disposed of, those toxins will leach back into the environment as the bamboo decays.

To find out more about our range of engineered bamboo cladding products, click here, and for our range of engineered bamboo slatted battens, click here.

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