Enhance The Appeal And Value Of Your Home

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Enhance The Appeal And Value Of Your Home

Why the humble fence should be king of your property.

Such an integral part of the landscape, the fence deserves to be well chosen.

Do you see your fence as simply a structure to secure space and create privacy or is it a decorative structure that is the edging to frame your garden and the highlight of your landscape design?

Surprising combinations of textures can create a beautiful fence design adding accents to your backyard design.  A fence is not just a fence!

The fence you choose for your property “can powerfully enhance the look of your home if chosen well. Create a haven for yourself and your household with a fence that works with your garden and the style of your home.” (source: onthefence.com.au)

Here we take a look at a selection of our fencing materials that do just that.

Often we spend a lot of money on the internal elements of a backyard, like the deck, the furniture, the shading, the plants… And yet the fence, which is seen all the time from both the inside and the outside of your property, is just considered part of your real estate and rarely thought of as part of the landscape.

It is in fact one of the key elements… It is your canvas to create the picture you want!

Our range of bamboo fencing, bamboo screening and other natural products (such as Natureed®), provides you with many options to revitalise your fence.

A client said recently… “I have spent a fortune on all the plumbing and excavating and items that will never been seen, whereas I should be concentrating on all the areas I will be looking at and living in daily!”

You don’t need to replace your fence, you just need a makeover… From contemporary to organic you can transform your fence into something really special… Easily!

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Avoid the hassle & expense of removing your old fence

The majority of our fencing jobs are for people needing to make their existing fence more attractive without having the hassle and expense of dismantling the old one:

  • Covering Colorbond fences with something more natural
  • Cladding old timber paling fences with something more beautiful
  • Transforming brushwood fences which are falling apart and full of bugs
  • Creating a lovely oasis where you always feel you are on holiday!

Other common reasons to reassess your fence

Other common issues which we solve with our easy-to-install cladding

  • Increasing the height of existing fences to create privacy from neighbours.
  • Providing an Eco-friendly and sustainable design.
  • Pool certification solutions.

So take a look at your humble fence and some inspiration from this post, and you’ll be living in a beautifully finished oasis in no time!

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