Hide Thy Neighbour – 8 Privacy Solutions (Part One)

Black bamboo rod privacy screen

Hide Thy Neighbour – 8 Privacy Solutions (Part One)

Neighbour problems.

With real estate in Australia booming, plot sizes are getting smaller whilst properties are getting bigger, and higher!
The chance of being overlooked by your neighbour is very likely.

Privacy issues with neighbours are very common. Someone on my street is in constant arguments with theirs over renovations and one of them turned a hose on the other recently!

In NSW, “there is no legal right to privacy. So if a neighbour can see into your backyard, they’re allowed to look at or listen to what’s going on… Besides asking your neighbour to stop, one thing you may be able to do is to try to block their view by building a higher fence” (*source lawsociety.com.au)”

Whilst a higher fence is an option, you could also look to construct a privacy screen. In every case, always check with your local council for local restrictions and guidelines.

Here are some different screening options to block your neighbour…

1. Bamboo rod privacy screen

Client problem: Raised decking on one side and impending renovations on the other meant that temporary screening was necessary before committing to certain heights. Colorbond had been quoted for but the neighbour didn’t want views blocked, so a black bamboo rod privacy screen was suggested, and approved.

Application: The landscape designer and installer was Creative Nature Landscapes and here Ben Kingsnorth shares with us the easy process:

  • A simple frame was made out of treated pine, with studs at 900mm centres between top and bottom plates.
  • The frame was stained with 2 coats of Intergrain Ultradeck in ‘Merbau’ applied prior to fixing the bamboo.
  • Nails were hammered into the frame as temporary ‘hooks’ and the rolls hung off them to find the heights and space out the canes a bit.
  • This process was also handy to align the adjacent rolls before drilling through the canes into the frame and screwing them off.
  • The screws used were 50mm stainless steel deck screws, 8-10 gauge.
  • The bamboo was pre-drilled with a Macsim ‘clever tool’ which pre-drills and counter sinks at the same time (just be careful not to over countersink!)
  • That was it – nice and simple!

Result: Each property owner could get a feel for the height levels with a screen that provided privacy, allowed filtered light through, and would be easy to remove when necessary (although it looks so lovely they each want to keep it as a permanent solution!)

You can shop black bamboo rod screens here.

Below you can see another privacy issue solved by increasing the height of the existing fence to hide the neighbour. This time we used blonde, natural bamboo rod screens (which you can shop here)

2. Kempas timber slatted screens

Client problem: An existing brushwood fence looked outdated, scruffy and had attracted lots of unwanted insects. The property owner wanted a more contemporary look as well as a private courtyard hidden from elevated neighbours.

Application: This beautiful space in Newport was designed by Landscape Designer Anthea Dunlop, and BTM Trades were the chosen landscape contractor to complete the large renovation. They removed the old brushwood fence and fixed kempas timber slatted screens to posts cemented into the wall.

Result: A stunning fence which provides privacy for entertaining in the backyard! “The existing brushwood fencing was greatly improved with the organic, natural look of the kempas. It really gave a fresh appeal to the garden.” Joel Basha, Director & Partner, BTM Trades.

3. Contemporary bamboo screening

Client problem: Our Mosman client’s neighbour had built a new fence higher than the existing one which became an eyesore with the black corflute visible on their side.

Application: Our WS-1 screening was selected to:

  • Create a new visual
  • Hide the corflute
  • Provide a beautiful entrance to their home

The House of Bamboo® team were tasked with installing the modern bamboo screening. The screens are pre-made with black aluminium holding the bamboo pieces together, so it is really easy to install by screwing to batons placed on top of the corflute.

Result: A beautifully modern, clean look which covers the neighbour’s ugly fence whilst providing them with a distinguished boundary to their property.

4. Natureshade Sienna Series

You may be familiar with the beautiful imagery of this pool in Sans Souci.

Client Problem: It was a tricky project because of the narrow space in which to work, to create privacy from a rather overpowering neighbour. The large building next door completely overlooked the swimming pool and teenage children, so privacy was a real concern.

Application: Our Natureshade® Sienna Series was the perfect solution and a bit of a statement piece at the same time! We were able to install the shade structure on a sturdy pole which took up little space, and the shading was angled to cover the pool.

Result: Lovely dappled light filters through but hiding the neighbour is achieved. You’ll note our lovely natural bamboo rod screens used as cladding on the fence as well, achieving the tropical resort look as well as being suitable for pool certification!

For the whole story with before and after images, see the full feature.

In Part Two of this feature we’ll be looking at clever privacy solutions with outdoor bamboo blinds, bamboo poles, decorative screens, Natureed® & multifunction portable screens. Stay tuned for that!

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