Bamboo Poles Product Details

Bamboo poles come in a variety of diameters and lengths. Bamboo slats are slim cut lengths less than half the thickness of a full pole.

Both are useful for trimming in fencing and cladding projects and feature panels, but multiple uses are made of them by landscapers, special events organisers and interior designers. They can be stained and protected for outdoor use.

There are a range of reasons that make bamboo pole ceilings worthy of your investment.

  • Versatile enough to be used in a range of applications
  • Delivers beautiful results to improve your space, particularly outdoor areas
  • Durable and high quality to ensure long lasting results
  • Easy installation
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to conventional resources.

Bamboo Poles – Natural

CodeNameDescriptionLength (mm)Diameter (mm)
P - 2/3Bamboo Poles 20-30mmBleached - SET OF 4300020-30mm
P - 3/3Bamboo Poles 30-35mmBleached - SET OF 4300030-35mm
P - 4/3Bamboo Poles 40-50mmBleached300040-50mm
P - 5/3Bamboo Poles 50-60mmBleached300050-60mm
P - 7/3Bamboo Poles 70-80mmBleached300070-80mm
P - 10/3Bamboo Poles 100-120mmBleached3000100-120mm

Bamboo Poles – Black

CodeNameDescriptionLength (mm)Diameter (mm)
P - 4/3GBamboo Poles 40-50mmGreen Stained300040-50mm
P - 5/3BBamboo Poles 50-60mmBlack Stained300050-60mm
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