Bamboo Teepees

Kids just love our bamboo pole teepees, which makes them very popular with landscape designers for childcare centres and other play spaces. They can also be used as a decorative backdrop for special occasions like you wedding. Quick and easy to assemble, you can also train climbing plants to grow up the bamboo poles or adorn them with bright colourful materials to create a teepee tent.

Bamboo TeePees:

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Why Use Bamboo Teepees?

Lightweight. Bamboo poles are practically easy to transport even on a small car.

Easy to manoeuvre. With these materials, setting up your teepees is never a complicated thing.

Simple to use. Unlike traditional teepee poles, bamboo teepee poles can be used without having to strip off its bark, allowing you to set it up without consuming too much time.

Durable. Bamboo poles are used as scaffoldings, you can be confident in building a durable teepee.

Product Specifications

CodeNameDescriptionH (mm)W (mm)
TE-ATeepee Kit 5 x 40-50mm bamboo poles + natural ropeBleached300040-50mm
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