Cane Reed & Tonkin Bamboo

First popularised on the French Riviera to provide shade from the summer sun, cane reed is now growing in popularity. A natural choice due to its perfect combination of style and sustainability, owing to its environmentally friendly characteristics.

Cane Reed & Tonkin Bamboo:

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Cane Reed & Tonkin Projects – Before & After

Cane reeds are a popular natural “cousin” to bamboo. The fine cane reeds, approx. 16 mm in diameter, are bound with stainless steel wire and come in a natural bamboo colour.

Walls & Cladding
Cane Reed – Before & After
Cane Reed Walls Cladding Cane Reed Walls Cladding
Fencing & Screening
Cane Reed – Before & After
Cane Reed Natural Organic Fencing Before Natural and Organic Cane Reed Privacy Screen | Fence Screening Ideas for Backyard
Ceilings & Shading
Cane Reed – Before & After
Cane Reed Shading Cane Reed Shading

Cane Reed & Tonkin Ceilings & Shading

Like to relax around your home or pool like those on the French Riviera do?

Looking for a natural shading solution to protect against the harsh summer sun?

Cane reed was first made famous in the south of France by those seeking shade in the hot summer months. Now you can give that same sophisticated look and feel to ceilings around your home, with our Cane Reed screens.

A natural wonder, cane reeds have impressive environmental credentials. When used in ceilings, they are a very effective insulator, reducing energy consumption. They can also be easily recycled when their useful life is over.

Used for shading outdoors, cane reed screens protect against the harsh glare of the sun, while still allowing light and air to gently filter through. Installed under existing roofing, cane reeds can transform unsightly plastic or other materials and bring a touch of natural elegance to alfresco dining areas. Or use them on their own for shading areas where you want to reduce the sun to a lovely filtered light.

Our cane reeds are around 16mm thick, bound together with stainless steel wire. They come in rolls ready for easy installation.

Boasting a natural bamboo type colour, cane reed screens will eventually fade to a lovely slivery grey or you may choose to paint or stain them for a longer lasting look.

Cane Reed & Tonkin Fencing & Screening

Looking for a sustainable fencing or privacy screen that’s just a little different from bamboo?

Cane reed shares many of the same properties as bamboo and is often called its cousin, allowing you to use it in almost all the ways you would bamboo.

Made with reeds that are finer than thick bamboo, cane reeds come in a gorgeous warm honey colour.

From the elegant simplicity of hanging a cane reed screen over a painted concrete wall to a much more complete project of cladding an entire fence, cane reed gives you so many wonderfully creative options for privacy screens.

You can use cane reed to screen or clad any existing fence to either enhance it or extend its height.

You can use cane reeds both vertically and horizontally depending on your vision for your fence or privacy screen. Even when used for just a section of fencing it brings warm, organic, natural textures and hues that counterbalance colder materials like brick, concrete and steel.

Privacy screening with cane reed is also easy and simple. You can simply hang the roll of cane reeds to block off unsightly areas or to bring privacy and shade to a part of your garden.  Or you can install a more substantial screen to prevent prying eyes from invading your privacy.

The gaps between the cane reeds reduce the wind load in all settings, allowing free air circulation and cooling breezes to flow easily through screened off areas.

Our cane reeds come bound together with stainless steel wire. The reeds themselves average 16 mm in thickness.

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