Engineered Bamboo Cladding

House of Bamboo offers internal and external contemporary engineered bamboo cladding products that are aesthetically appealing and provide outstanding design results without causing harm to the environment. It’s perfect for use in walls, cladding, shading, ceiling, fencing, and privacy screening.

Bamboo Cladding – Cello Design:

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Engineered Bamboo Cladding Projects – Before & After

There are many different reasons that people opt for contemporary, engineered bamboo cladding. Among its known benefits is an aesthetic appeal, popular because of the improvements that it creates in any space.

Contemporary Engineered Bamboo Cladding Privacy Screen Before Engineered Bamboo Privacy Screen | Fence Screening Ideas for Backyard
Engineered Bamboo Pool Fencing Solutions | Timber Slat Screen Designs
Cello Before Engineered Bamboo Cladding for Pool Certification

Engineered Bamboo Cladding Ceilings & Shading:
– Cello Design

Looking for a shading solution that offers both style and complete shade?

Need a lightweight, contemporary styled cladding that gives complete ceiling cover?

Our Symphony collection of engineering bamboo cladding might just be the answer you are looking for.

Instead of the open slatted look of our engineered bamboo battens, these panels are completely solid providing complete cover wherever they are used.

An elegant solution to many ceiling and shading needs, you’ll find these panels are machined from solid bamboo strips and feature a fluted look on both sides creating a textured alternative to simply flat panels.

Available in lengths and widths very similar to timber slats, our Symphony panels are as durable as hardwood so you can use them in almost identical ways to wood. However, as they are a type of bamboo, they are much lighter, making them ideal for ceilings and shading.

Installing engineered bamboo cladding over an existing ceiling to give a more stylish, contemporary but still natural organic feel is easy. They are also ideal for external ceiling installations in gazebos, under patios and verandah roofs and in alfresco dining areas.

When using for external shading they provide 100% cover against the harsh rays of the sun, providing you the cooling shade cover you seek.

Being extremely lightweight they can be installed in so many creative ways to provide entirely different looks, but always a stunning symphony of nature’s beauty and engineering brilliance combined.

Our Symphony panels are a more sustainable and lightweight alternative to timber slats but come in lengths of 5.8 metres and widths of 140mm so you can use them just like timber slats.

You’ll be glad to know that our engineered bamboo cladding materials for ceiling and shading come fully pre-oiled with premium Woca Oil so they are ready for any external use and can be quickly installed with builders glue or screws

Engineered Bamboo Cladding Fencing & Screening:
– Cello Design

Want a complete fencing or privacy screening solution that offers more privacy than the open slatted look?

Love the sustainable properties of bamboo but want a contemporary alternative to its traditional look?

If you prefer a solid panel to an open slatted look, you’ll find our Symphony Collection is an elegant solution whenever you want complete privacy screens around your home.

Another clever engineered bamboo, these timber cladding panels are machined from solid bamboo strips and feature a fluted look on both sides. They are as hardwearing as hardwood.

Available in lengths and widths similar to timber slats, engineered bamboo can be used in almost identical ways to wood but provide an entirely different look.

Use for boundary fences that give you complete privacy, pool safety fencing that is compliant with new laws or to clad an old fence that is ugly or past its prime. Our engineered bamboo cladding materials are extremely lightweight meaning you can install them either horizontally and vertically to create entirely different looks.

For privacy screens, these engineered bamboo panels provide a stylish alternative to the open timber slatted look, completely blocking the view of anyone into your home. They truly are a stunning symphony of nature’s beauty and engineering brilliance combined.

Symphony panels are an eco-friendly, more sustainable alternative to timber and are easy to install with screws or builders glue.

They come in lengths of 5.8 metres and widths of 140 mm and are pre-oiled with premium Woca Oil ready for any external use.

Engineered Bamboo Walls, Cladding & Joinery:
– Cello Design

Do you love all the qualities of bamboo but are looking for a whole new look?

Is contemporary style in your home important to you?

Our Symphony Collection is an elegant alternative to timber battens that is made from engineered bamboo. Featuring a fluted look on both sides, these panels are machined from solid bamboo strips.

Use engineered bamboo for walls and cladding in almost any way you would use timber battens. But they create a more stylish and sophisticated European look.

Use them in any bamboo joinery projects you have in mind where you’d love an alternative to timber battens.

Install Symphony panels over existing walls with brads, screws or construction adhesive as concealed fixings. They are light and eco-friendly, a truly more sustainable alternative to using timber battens.

Engineered bamboo panels come in lengths of up to 5.8 metres and widths of 140mm, similar in ways to timber battens. You can have them either pre-oiled with premium Woca Oil or natural so you can use them with confidence anywhere around your home.

Engineered Bamboo Cladding Privacy Screens:
– Cello Design

Does privacy to you mean complete privacy?

Do you want a stylish and contemporary alternative to open slatted screens that is still made from bamboo?

Our Symphony Collection offers an elegant alternative to timber battens but in engineered bamboo with the complete privacy that only a solid panel provides.

Easy to install, simply select where you’d like more privacy around your home and you can start installing engineered bamboo screening quickly. This enables you to screen, but not totally enclose, any area you feel needs it.

Just a single screen of engineered bamboo cladding could bring a whole new sense of privacy to your pool area, sheltering you from unwanted attention. Another could cordon off the end of your deck or patio from the neighbours. While one more could make a courtyard feel private and personal.

Machined from solid bamboo strips, featuring a fluted look on both sides, this clever engineered bamboo solution wears as hard as hardwood. Yet they are incredibly lightweight enabling you to install the panels either vertically or horizontally.

Symphony panels are more sustainable than timber battens making them a more eco-friendly alternative. These engineered bamboo cladding privacy screens come in widths of 140 mm and a length of 5.8 metres and are ready for immediate use as they are pre-oiled with premium Woca Oil.

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