You’ll find Natureed is incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from ceiling installations to shading solutions, fencing, privacy screening and so much more.


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Natureed Projects – Before & After

The natural beauty and quality of Natureed makes it easy to blend with a range of design styles. And when lit from behind, the look of Natureed transforms at night to cast a soft warm glow.

Ceiling & Shading
Natureed – Before & After
Natureed - Before Natureed - After
Fencing & Screening
Natureed – Before & After
Natureed Pool Certification - Before Natureed Pool Certification
Pool Certification
Natureed – Before & After
Natureed Pool Fencing Certification - Before Natureed Pool Fencing Certification

Natureed Ceilings & Shading

Would you like to bring the resort look into your home?

How about some naturally cooling shade to a hotspot somewhere around your home or garden?

Natureed is a wonderfully versatile product that can be used both indoors and outside. Being extremely lightweight, it can be easily affixed to existing ceilings or under existing translucent pergola roofing for enhanced sun protection.

Use inside to give your ceilings an instantly natural look that can be further enhanced with backlighting to create a warm, inviting mood.

Outside, natureed bamboo rods create a naturally wonderful shading solution for decks, pergolas, gazebos, around pool areas or wherever you want to create a relaxed resort feel. Used alone, it filters the sun but still lets natural breezes circulate.

Natureed is crafted from the finest quality water reeds bound together with stainless steel wire. It contains up to 50% more reeds than cheaper imitations you find in hardware stores. And you’ll be glad to know it’s both mould and termite resistant.

Natureed Fencing & Screening

Are you tired of looking at unsightly fences or walls around your home?

Would you like to bring a new, naturally cohesive texture to your garden or surrounds?

When it comes to bamboo fencing and privacy screening, Natureed is the first choice of leading landscapers. Elegant and stylish, it’s the quality reed that doesn’t fall apart like cheap imitations and simply looks so much more sophisticated.

Use it as an alternative to timber cladding to disguise or upgrade the look of Colourbond and paling fences. Natureed fence screening can be used to cover or replace old brush or chain wire fences. In fact, many people refer to Natureed as the modern Brush fence.

It’s the perfect way to clad unsightly fences or walls or bring a new naturally cohesive texture to garden surrounds.  You can create a whole new backyard with Natureed. Create a tropical Balinese, Oriental or Australian native theme with privacy screens and cladding around pools, gardens and deck areas.

Its beauty lies in its quality and natural organic look which blends with a variety of contemporary outdoor architectural and landscaping styles. Not being airtight it allows you to screen off areas while still letting cool summer breezes flow through. It’s also naturally resistant to both termites and mould.

Natureed is a trademarked product made to exacting standards and contains up to 50% more reeds than cheaper imitations. It is properly bound with stainless steel wire.

Natureed Walls, Cladding & Joinery

Are you looking to reduce noise, insulate against heat loss or generally soften a room and reduce large flat areas?

The incredible versatility of Natureed means it can be used in so many ways both indoors and out. Fine quality water reeds are bound together with stainless steel wires to create a product equally at home wherever you use it.

Internal walls clad with Natureed can reduce noise, insulate against heat loss or intrusion and generally soften rooms and areas by reducing large flat surface areas. As it is very light in weight, there is great flexibility in how you use it to give a natural feel to any internal walls.

Externally it is equally adaptable for bamboo cladding over existing walls and fencing to bring a new organic texture to any area.

If you’re looking to shade an al fresco dining area or other entertainment area but still want free ventilation and cooling summer breezes Natureed is your perfect choice. Not being airtight, it provides free ventilation allowing free flow of cool summer breezes.

While it can be used for that traditional resort look, it is also equally at home in many contemporary settings where it brings a relaxed feel.

You can tell the quality of Natureed just by looking at it. With up to 50% more bamboo than other cheap imitations, it says quality when you look at it. It’s also resistant to both mould and termites.

As Natureed comes on rolls, you can work with it in many ways, even bamboo joinery for a unique natural look.

Natureed Privacy Screens

Looking for a simple solution that gives you more privacy in your garden?

Want something that lasts and projects a look of style and quality?

Favoured by leading landscapers as their “top reed”, Natureed offers the highest quality standards and durability. It’s your first choice when it comes to cane reed and bamboo privacy screening.

Nothing creates a cohesive look in your garden better than Natureed. This versatile and lightweight material makes it easy to create timber slat privacy screens wherever they are required.

Screen off your pool for privacy when swimming, your deck when dining, your patio when relaxing or your gazebo when doing whatever takes your fancy.

Natureed is also a wonderful choice to screen off an open courtyard and make it more private or give an open al fresco dining area a little more intimate feel, while still allowing light and gentle breezes to pass through.

Whenever you install Natureed privacy screens you can relax, knowing your choice will last for years to come. Unlike cheap and inferior imitations, it is a trademarked product made to the highest standards and bound with stainless steel wire. It often has 50% more bamboo reeds than cheap imitations. You’ll also be happy to know that it’s both termite and mould resistant.

For a contemporary natural look that blends with a range of outdoor architecture and landscape styles, you can’t go past Natureed privacy screens.

Note: House of Bamboo is the only supplier of genuine Natureed across Australia. Cheap imitations are no match for the quality and longevity of our trademarked product. For ceilings and shading, choose only Natureed®.
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