Natureed® Product Details

Natureed® is a wonderfully versatile product that can be used both indoors and outside. Being extremely lightweight, it can be easily affixed to existing ceilings and fences. Natureed® is crafted from the finest quality water reeds bound together with stainless steel wire.

Natureed close up
  • Natureed® is a perfect solution to clad unsightly ceilings, fences and walls to bring a natural texture to any area.
  • Natureed® is a trademarked product made with high standard quality control and bound with stainless steel wire.
  • Natureed®’s beauty lies in its natural look which blends with a variety of  indoor and outdoor architectural styles.
  • Natureed® is termite and mould resistant.


CodeNameWidth (mm)Length (mm)Diameter (mm)
NR-3Natureed w/ stainless steel binding91018303-4mm
NR-4Natureed w/ stainless steel binding122036603-4mm
NR-5Natureed w/ stainless steel binding153036604-5mm
NR-6Natureed w/ stainless steel binding183036604-5mm
NR-6SNatureed w/ stainless steel binding183036604-5mm
NR-6DLNatureed w/ stainless steel binding183073003-4mm
NR-7Natureed w/ stainless steel binding200036603-4mm
NR-8Natureed w/ stainless steel binding244024403-4mm
NR-8DNatureed w/ stainless steel binding244048003-4mm
NR-8DLNatureed w/ stainless steel binding244073003-4mm

Natureed Canopy

CodeNameWidth (mm)Length (mm)Diameter (mm)
NRC5Natureed® canopy153034503-5mm
NRC6Natureed® canopy183034503-5mm
NRC8Natureed® canopy244045003-5mm
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