Palm Fibre

Palm Fibre is created from palm leaves rolled into easy to use panels. They are ideal for creating a highly textured Polynesian look in many contemporary settings. Lightweight, with great acoustic properties that help break up and absorb sound, palm fibre can be used in so many imaginative and creative ways, especially for external cladding systems, ceilings, shading, and even privacy screening.

Palm Fibre:

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Palm Fibre Ceilings & Shading

Want to bring a softer, more undulating look to the ceilings in your home?

Love the idea of lazing in the shade by your pool dreaming you’re on a Polynesian island?

A beautiful alternative to thatching, palm fibre creates a highly textured Polynesian look which can be used creatively on both internal ceilings and external shading.

Our palm fibre ceilings and shadings are created from palm leaves which are rolled into thick shafts then bound by strong nylon fibres.

Popular in resorts, restaurants and other hospitality venues, palm fibre creates a soft undulating look that also insulates against sound, heat and cold. Making it a most elegant solution for your ceiling especially when you want a more tranquil and relaxed feeling in any room in your home.

When used outdoors for shading, particularly in al fresco dining areas, it brings a wonderful textural feel. Palm fibre can transform your al fresco dining experience, making you feel like you are eating in an exotic restaurant every night.

Lightweight, with great acoustic qualities, palm fibre comes in a roll, ready for use.

Palm Fibre Walls, Cladding & Joinery

Want a natural solution for blocking out noise or for sound insulation?

Love to give your walls a naturally soft, undulating look?

Our palm fibre is a completely natural product created using palm leaves which are rolled into a thick shafts then bound together by nylon.

They create a softer, more irregular look and feel than either bamboo or rattan but they can be used in many similar ways.

Being incredibly lightweight, palm fibre can be simply and easily installed on walls to either create a Polynesian style look or simply for their aesthetic functionality.

When used as cladding, palm fibre instantly softens any space, due to its almost wave-like undulating properties. It also has tremendous insulation properties keeping in warmth and blocking out cold or vice versa.

The sound insulation properties of palm fibre wall claddings are so good, they are often used in professional sound recording studios not just for their organic beauty, but because they assist with absorbing and breaking up sound.

Also popular in restaurants and resorts wanting to create an authentic Polynesian look, you can create a similar feel in any part of your home with palm fibre. Set into timber frames, they can be used in any number of bamboo joinery projects for a creative flair.

As palm fibre has no sharp edges, it is child friendly and has a surprisingly long life.

Palm fibre comes in a roll and can be easily cut to size or length as required for use in partitions or wall panels.

Palm Fibre Privacy Screens

Like your privacy screened off with a softer and more unique fibre?

Want to bring a touch of Polynesia to your home?

Palm fibre offers a soft and unique natural material for creating privacy screens.

The House of Bamboo’s Palm Fibre is created from palm leaves rolled together into bundles then bound with nylon to create an almost thatched look.

Palm Fibre not only does a great job of blocking prying eyes when used for privacy screens, but it’s also great at blocking noise too, as the material naturally absorbs sound.

Creating a privacy screen with palm fibre, instantly brings a Polynesian style ambience to any setting.

Soften the look and feel of courtyards or paved areas with palm fibre privacy screens that bring warmth and intimacy to otherwise hard, cold spaces.

Create your own private little nook or cranny somewhere in your garden or home wrapped in the soft undulating textures of palm fibres.

As a totally natural product, with great environmental credentials, palm fibre is your perfect choice for privacy.