Traditionally used in chairs, furniture sides and bedheads, rattan is now also popular for use in ceilings, shadings, wall panels, privacy screenings, cupboard doors and other places. Available in closed or open webbing styles, rattan or cane webbing, creates a soft, textured feel wherever you use it.


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Rattan / Cane Webbing

You can use our range of rattan or cane webbing to cast a bit of shade with ceilings and shadings, screen out unsightly walls through wall panels, soften hard-edge looks by wall cladding, and bring texture or privacy to wherever you desire it.

Rattan always brings an exotic ambience to any room, giving it a touch of the tropics.

Rattan Ceilings & Shading

Want to create a stylish but natural vibe somewhere in your home?

Looking for a shading solution that would make an architect or interior designer envious?

Look no further than rattan and cane webbing. Yes, rattan is back in a big way.

This fibrous plant has many similar properties to bamboo and is once again finding favour with designers, architects and homeowners due to its wonderful properties.

Some people love rattan, because they feel it brings a touch of the Orient to ceilings in any room, while others just love the contemporary elegance it brings with it.

Available in both open and closed weaves, rattan is being used in many new and creative ways.

Rattan linings for ceilings are popular in the hospitality industry, including hotels, resorts, spas and anywhere wanting to create a sophisticated but relaxed natural vibe. Framed in panels they can be anything from oriental to contemporary depending on the setting they are used. The open weave also allows for a contrasting background colour behind them.

Backlighting in ceilings is popular too with rattan as it casts a soft, warm, filtered light.

Rattan Walls, Cladding & Joinery

Want to bring an instant touch of the orient into your home?

Do you love the thought of creating with a stylish and traditional material?

Nothing says an exotic location quite like rattan, and nothing is easier to work with.

We are seeing a real surge in hotels, resorts, restaurants and cafes not just wanting rattan furniture but wanting rattan screens, cladding, cupboards and joinery using rattan.

Some people say rattan brings an Oriental look but others say it simply looks elegant and contemporary. Whichever you think, there’s no doubt about its qualities.

With House of Bamboo® rattan that you can use for external wall cladding systems, you can screen out an unsightly wall or soften a hard-edged look, bringing natural texture, cohesion or even privacy to any part of your home.

Rattan panels hung anywhere bring an exotic ambience to any room – something out of the ordinary that softens traditional flat, even wall surfaces.

Just the simple beauty of rattan alone can create a spectacular feature wall.

You can build something wonderful with rattan, whether cupboards, entertainment units, wine storage units, all with that open look and feel of rattan in the door panels.

And you have so many choices of open and closed weave webbing in grid, hexagonal and other designs. All available in a number of shades from the natural look of raw rattan to something lightly or darkly coloured.

Rattan Privacy Screens

Does your idea of privacy conjure up a private club?

How about a quiet little corner of a bar in Singapore?

You can create your own private little world, with the feeling of a rustic tropical bar, club or restaurant with our superb quality rattan.

Suddenly all the rage again, rattan is gaining new popularity with designers and architects who love the stylish, exotic feel it brings to any space.

Choose rattan for privacy screening because it reminds you of the Orient or because you think it brings a contemporary elegance.

Use rattan in a myriad of ways around your home to bring you privacy in new and wonderful ways.

Incredibly lightweight and extremely flexible, rattan can be cut and shaped into almost any form of privacy screen you desire.

Available in both open and closed weaves, in a variety of natural shades and colours, our rattan lets you weave a wall to retreat behind in your own private world.

Screen your al fresco dining area with rattan and you’ll feel like your dining in the tropics every night. Do the same on your deck or patio and you’ll soon want to be sipping on a Singapore sling, lost in your own privately screened little world.

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