Rattan Product Details

Cane is the hard outer bark of the rattan palm, the whole stem of which is called rattan. Reed is made from the soft inner core. Wicker is the generic term that covers rattan, willow and other natural products.

Cane webbing is manufactured from the outer bark or peel of the rattan palm. It is almost like “potato peeling” where the outer skin of the vine is used which has a hard shiny coating.

This generally can only be polished and lacquered because of its silican surface. The inner core often referred to as reed can be both painted and stained.

Rattan / Cane Webbing

Cane WebbingCodeDescriptionColourFinishLength (mm)Width (mm)Diameter(mm)
OPEN WEAVESCW – 3Open weave, hexagonal, 9mmRustic - darkOuter core910152501
CW – 168Open weave, hexagonal, 8mmNaturalOuter core910152501
CW-168ROpen weave, hexagonal, 9mm, Raw coreNaturalRaw910152501
CW-168SOpen weave, hexagonal, 9mm, StainedAnthraciteRaw Anthracite stain60030001
CW – 3BOpen weave, hexagonal, 8mmBleachedOuter core910152501
CW – 161Open weave, grid, 2mmNaturalOuter core910152501
CW-161LOpen weave, grid, 4mm, RusticRusticOuter core910152501
CLOSED WEAVESCCW – 148BClosed weave, 3-4mmBleachedInner core910152501
CCW – 148Closed weave, 3mmNaturalOuter core900152501
CCW-148SClosed weave, 3mmStained GreyInner core91030001
CCW – 3RClosed weave, 4-5mmRustic - darkInner core910152501
CCW – 135Closed weave, chevron, 3mmNaturalOuter core910152501
CCW – 141Closed weave, 6mmNaturalInner core910152501
CCW – 151Closed weave, 6mmNaturalInner core600152501
CCW – 139Closed weave, 4mm, rounded beadingNaturalInner core910152504
CCW-258LClosed weave, 3mmNaturalInner core910152502
CCW-175Closed weave, 3mmNaturalInner core910152502
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