House of Bamboo® wins Perth Zoo Tender

House of Bamboo® wins Perth Zoo Tender

The Government of Western Australia has awarded House of Bamboo® the tender to supply bamboo balustrade screens for the Perth Zoo.  These screens will enhance the surrounds of the Zoo’s Orang-utans. This area is a special one for the Zoo, as the Orang-utans are a favourite with the public and the Zoo is helping in a breeding program to save this very endangered species. The setting for the Orangutans and their babies is one the Zoo wished to upgrade in a natural, aesthetic fashion.

Working closely with Iredale Pedersen Hook architects, House of Bamboo® will manufacture bamboo rod screens using a Japanese inspired design with rope lashings. The attractive design created by Jason Lenard follows the traditional Japanese “takeho-gaki” fencing, meaning bamboo branching.

There are a number of different screens each intricately woven to create a beautiful “takeho-gaki” appearance . House of Bamboo® was chosen for its extensive experience in the field of bamboo related materials and its preparedness to meet the stringent quality criteria set by the architects.

Extensive measures have been taken to ensure the longevity of the bamboo. The bamboo poles have had the nodules removed, reducing the risk of the poles splitting due to relative expansion and contraction. Borax has been applied to prevent any fungicidal infestation and marine rope for long distance sailing has been used to ensure it does not deteriorate in the weather.

Bamboo fences are traditionally very popular in South East Asia and are growing in popularity worldwide. As bamboo is an “eco” material due to its rapid growth and sustainability and it is also strong, it makes an ideal fencing material. Its aesthetic qualities enhance any application, as will be seen at the Perth Zoo.

The screens will be seen on display by the end of February 2014.


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