How To Cover Your Colorbond Fence

Black bamboo fence

How To Cover Your Colorbond Fence

Black bamboo rod fencing

Monterey, a suburb in Southern Sydney with its Californian-influenced name, lends itself well to a warm, sophisticated beachy look with our black bamboo rod screens.

Our client had a few problems with his Colorbond fence and needed our help to find a solution that addressed all of them…

Colorbond fence before makeover

BEFORE: The Colorbond fence which needed raising & cladding

Colorbond fence after makeover with black bamboo

AFTER: The same fence clad in our natural, sustainable black bamboo

Client’s problem

For this project, the owner had spent a lot on building a new pool and then tiling the surrounds with travertine.

As the project developed, the unattractive Colorbond fence started to become more and more of an eyesore.

They did not want to replace the fence.
They also had to raise it slightly due to the tiling.
The fence then did not meet pool fencing certification regarding height.

House of Bamboo solution

The black rod bamboo fencing was a perfect, relatively inexpensive solution whereby the customer could use the existing fence yet clad it so it complimented the beautiful surrounds and also meet pool requirements. It ticked all the boxes!

Black bamboo rod fence
Black bamboo rod fence
Covering Colorbond with bamboo, installation
Covering Colorbond with bamboo, installation

How to install bamboo rod fencing

It’s so easy to install by fixing batons to your existing Colorbond fence and screwing our black bamboo rod screens to those! They come as a 1200 mm roll with either 1800 or 2400 mm height and are joined with quality stainless steel wire.

See our video for more detailed installation help, or call us on 02 9666 5703 for a quote to install yours.

More about black bamboo

Black bamboo (which dries to a natural dark chocolate brown) is very popular here at the House of Bamboo. It is a species of flowering plant in the bamboo subfamily of the grass family Poaceae, native to Hunan Province of China, and widely cultivated elsewhere (source Wikipedia).

The colour can easily be maintained using our specially formulated Bamboo Protector, or you can leave it to fade naturally to the lovely silvery grey favoured in shows like Grand Designs.

We think you’ll agree from these images that the final look is outstanding! Natural, sustainable, contemporary and pool certifiable with beautifully clean lines and a stunning contrast with their light coloured pavers.

Black bamboo rod fencing

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