IN HOUSE OUT HOUSE | Natureed Pool Shade Project

IN HOUSE OUT HOUSE | Natureed Pool Shade Project

A Natureed® Pool Shade with a Difference

The Australian summer is famous for bright, sunny mornings and long, hot afternoons; and as around 2.7 million Australians live in a home with a pool, backyard design is more important than ever.

Although shading and screening options for pool areas vary, House of Bamboo Natureed® offers a range of designs and uses to suit any backyard. House of Bamboo Natureed® actually features 50% more water reeds than other alternatives, so it’s thicker and more effective as well.
Recently a House of Bamboo client requested shading for their Central Coast home, as their children wanted to be able to play in the pool most of the day without getting burnt. The client had used HOB Natureed® previously to line their existing pergola, providing much needed shade, and so they were open to using the same product for their pool shade. (Interestingly, by using HOB Natureed® they no longer need to use air conditioning inside the home due to the dramatic heat reduction.)
Naturred Frame Installation
As a solution for this pool shading, House of Bamboo CEO Jennifer Snyders, suggested a fixed cantilevered canopy system providing the maximum amount of shade during the afternoon when the Western sun is at its harshest. As the space is also on the smaller size, this kind of cantilevered shade structure can be angled as desired to shade a small space easily and effectively. Of course, Natureed® also brings an element of organic nature to backyards that might be missing depth, light and space.
As part of the HOB stewardship policy, Snyders also suggested repurposing an existing, unwanted shade structure that was no longer used by another client. This structure was taken apart, painted white and then transported to this Central Coast site not far from Bateau Bay; the Natureed® panels were then made as inserts to blend with the existing pergola. Installation took just one day. 
With this clever design, the repurposed structure succeeded in providing a cool, shaded area to relax in the water. Along with sustainable Natureed® natural material, the advantage of using metal is that it’s easy to recycle with little or no quality loss, and with far lower energy consumption when compared to the production of new materials. (Unfortunately, only about a 1/3 of newly produced aluminium and steel is made from recycled material at the moment.)
This kind of shading and use of natural materials is a perfect solution for pool, decking or backyard spaces, where shade is needed but airflow is also valued; additionally this new structure blends seamlessly into the design of the backyard and the client is extremely happy with the results (as are their children!).

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