My Island Home

My Island Home


The ideal holiday experience for most is home to three elements: sun, sea and that surreal island feel. Wouldn’t it be a dream to have it all year round?
Now you can with a touch of imagination and a touch of bamboo…

The 747 lands and the outlook is a tropical landscape – quaint little thatched huts, scores of magnificent beaches and divine pools, thick tropical flora and a calming essence so far from home. You are at one with nature; at one with an island culture you have craved all year; at one with a holiday experience you’d love to retain.

Days pass as you laze around a crisp blue pool surrounded by soft humming island tunes. Your daily chic is a sarong as you sip a cocktail out of a coconut shell and absorb the natural beauty of bamboo bungalows and background.
Ahhh the perfect holidaying experience…how it would be a dream come true to live in these surrounds all year round!

Your dreams can become reality using a touch of imagination and a touch of bamboo in your own surrounds.

Picture this – Smooth tunes fill the air whilst you rest in a bamboo hammock, swinging in the breeze underneath a softNatureed® shade. A petite forest of bamboo plants, landscaped around a swimming pool and natural bamboo fencing line, soften your environment. You close your eyes and drift straight back into your island dream. The only difference is, when you open them again, you awaken, drifting in the pleasure of your own island home.

The possibility of bringing this dream to reality is so very near. A unique company called House of Bamboo® is home to the tropical environment we all crave. Based in Sydney, NSW, House of Bamboo® imports natural bamboo and bamboo related materials of natural beauty for versatile exterior as well as interior applications. From thatching to fencing, plants to shade solutions and swing chairs – this boutique company can fulfill your holidaying desires at home. It is a treasure trove for professionals, home, pool and garden lovers seeking to create imaginative, affordable and environmentally appropriate decor and landscape solutions.

The products are thought to be Australia’s most varied collection of classic and new low maintenance materials that are designed to create holiday ambiance and compliment any setting. These materials include Natureed® and various bamboo surrounds®, providing a natural backdrop or feature in pool settings, gardens, balconies, patios and homes. They enable you to create screening, fencing, cladding and unique overhead shade solutions (Shady Ideas®). They also wrap nicely around ugly pool filters and pump systems, air conditioning units and sheds. Best of all, these materials are easy to work with and deliver a natural look at a competitive price.

House of Bamboo’s® exclusive Natureed® range and other bamboo materials blend beautifully and flexibly into a range of modern and traditional settings and landscapes. These natural and durable materials are bound with non-rusting cadmium wire or nylon, into bundles of varying heights and lengths. They are resistant to termites and moisture and stand as strong materials allowing air and light to filter through, not only creating a serene atmosphere but also making them ideal for pool fencing, cladding, patio roofing and windbreaks.

The cladding can be single or double layered. The latter provides a neighbour friendly fence, finished with similar beauty both sides. The double strength cladding provides excellent privacy, whilst allowing good airflow for plant growth. Capping the top of the fence in the same material gives an elegant finish and in some settings capping at the base also looks well balanced.

These forms of natural cladding can be used to enhance existing patio roofing or bungalow structures by providing an attractive sun-light filter, which can also be made rainproof. Shade covers for swimming pools can be made from Natureed® strung along parallel wires above the pool. This beautiful canopy can also be used for summer gardens and rolled back as an attractive concertina when not needed in winter.

Aesthetically, bamboo and related materials act as a perfect fusion between your home and holidaying dream: blending and enhancing a tropical feel in any garden, Mediterranean or Japanese style context, apartment or courtyard gardens and leafy gum shaded modern homes. Bamboo blinds, lights, hammocks and screens made from bamboo can bring further unity and charm to such island settings.

Being at one with nature through the use of bamboo and similar cladding materials such as Natureed® can help you escape from the demands of modernity. You can slip back into the simplistic and spiritual charms enveloped so many islands and holidays ago. Make your dream holiday a permanent one. All you need is a touch of imagination and a touch of bamboo…

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