Natureed® Fencing & Shading (H:2440 x L:4800 mm)

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Natureed® is the original, trademarked fencing / cladding / shading product favoured for years by top landscape designers such as Jamie Durie and Brendan Moar. There is no other product of this quality on the market.

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Product Code: NR-8D (3 x joins)

Key features

  • Stainless steel binding
  • Tightly bound
  • High quality
  • 50% more reeds than inferior products
  • Long lasting
  • Water resistant and termite resistant
  • Colour can be maintained simply by using Sikkens decking oil in teak or oak stain
  • Perfect for fencing, cladding, privacy screen and shading projects


H: 2440 x L: 4880 mm

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Additional Information
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 244 × 23 × 23 cm