The Grass is Greener On Our Fences!

The Grass is Greener On Our Fences!


Historically outdoor fencing & cladding concepts have been associated with large garden settings. However in the 21st Century, where life is fast paced and neighbourhoods increasingly densely settled, working with much smaller spaces such as balconies, we seek relaxation areas compatible with our warm outdoors lifestyle – easy natural settings, peaceful light filled space and environmentally sound materials.

Australia’s most renowned natural materials company, House of Bamboo, has created unique design solutions that are environmentally practical and extremely imaginative. Our range of fencing and cladding materials ideal for enhancing pool surrounds, such as Natureed®, & natural bamboo materials, recently seen on lifestyle TV shows such as The Block, Backyard Blitz, Room for Improvement, Better Homes and Gardens and Burke’s Backyard.

Natureed® itself is an exclusive natural cladding material introduced by House of Bamboo® and suitable for all garden and pool fence settings. It is a new durable reed material, attractively priced and easy to install. It is increasingly used to bring privacy and a natural look too existing pool & garden fences or balconies and is ideal as cladding to transform old paling, metal or wire mesh fences. Alternatively, to hide structures such as new freestanding fences, privacy screens and windbreaks.

These natural durable reeds are bound with non-rusting wire into cladding of various heights and lengths. They are resistant to moisture, termites and have low flammability. The reeds provide a strong material but allow light and air to filter through. Even better, Natureed® requires minimal maintenance and has an extensive life span.

House of Bamboo’s® exclusive Natureed® range blends beautifully and flexibly into a range of modern and traditional settings and landscapes. It also makes a tranquil, UV protective versatile shade over a back deck or swimming pool, and can transform a stark garden into an inviting al fresco setting.

House of Bamboo® offers a unique range of bamboo and related materials of natural beauty and versatile outdoor and interior applications. It is a treasure trove for professionals and home and garden lovers who are creating imaginative affordable and environmentally appropriate landscape solutions.

Natureed® sizes
915mm high x 1830mm length (3′ x 6′)
1220mm high x 3660mm length (4′ x 6′)
1520mm high x 3660mm length (5′ x 6′)
1830mm high x 3660mm length (6′ x 6′)
2400mm high x 2400mm length (12′ x 12′)

Products available direct from:
House of Bamboo®
Address: 13 Erith St, Botany, NSW, 2019
Tel: (02) 9666 5703 or 1300 665703 Fax: 02 96665693

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