Thinking Outside The Box – Privacy Screens & Shading

Thinking Outside The Box – Privacy Screens & Shading

You once had a wonderfully private property. That is until…

  • Trees have been cut down – now no privacy
  • Your neighbours are renovating / building a new home – the new build is intrusive
  • A new development has just started to be built – it’s towering over your property
  • You actually had a great view but have neighbour problems and don’t get on – need to block them out!
privacy and shading

Before & After. Read on for the full story and more images…

Most people think to get a privacy screen or increase the height of the existing fence for a quick fix.

The problem is twofold…

  1. Firstly the size of the screen would need to be so large that it would look very overwhelming and require major construction to withstand the wind loadings.
  2. Also there are council regulations that restrict heights.

BEFORE the transformation…

Before House of Bamboo privacy transformation

BEFORE: Sans Souci property – no privacy from neighbours

State legislation and local planning laws

You should always check with your local council but generally you are restricted to:

  • A front fence has restrictions in height… as do boundary fences depending on your council regulations. As a guide boundary fences usually have a restriction of 1.8m but you should check*
  • Privacy screens usually can only be 2.5m in height from existing ground level and be set a minimum of 900 mm in from your boundary fence. They must also be a maximum length of 5 metres wide with 2 screens permitted per property. Alternatively, between 1.7m – 2.2m in height if attached to a balcony, deck, patio terrace or verandah^

Today with real estate escalating you would want every bit of space to be used!

Pool shading

AFTER: Privacy achieved with our Natureshade Sienna Series

Privacy Case Study, Sans Souci

A client came to us wanting a large screen to hide the building next door from their pool. As their children were in their teens now, privacy was also a big concern.

Site Challenges:

The size of the building next door meant the privacy screen would need to be at least 5m in height which meant it would be very overwhelming but also the structure would need to be extremely strong to withstand wind loads etc.

The site was extremely difficult to work with because of the difficult access and narrow space, plus obstructive piping meant there was not much room for footings.

Design solution…

Natureshade Sienna Series design

Privacy & Shading Solution:

To provide a tilted privacy screen so it acted like a shade structure that needed minimal construction based on its design.

Natureshade® was the perfect solution… Not only did it disguise the building next door and prevent people having a direct view of the pool, but it also provided much needed shade in the hot afternoon sun so the pool could be used the entire summer.

Natureshade privacy shading

Pool shading, privacy

Beautiful shading over the pool, in addition to privacy

Bamboo fencing

You’ll notice from these images that we also clad the existing Colorbond fence in our natural bamboo rod screens, adding to the relaxed resort look as well as being pool compliant. For more on pool compliant fencing products read more here.

clad Colorbond fencing

BEFORE: Sans Souci with ugly Colorbond fencing

Shading, fencing, privacy

AFTER: The same fence, but clad in beautiful bamboo!

pool shading and bamboo

Fences & privacy. Additional reading (NSW)

*In NSW boundary fences are covered by the Dividing Fences Act of 1991 

^You can read more from NSW Government, Planning & Environment here 


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