Trending – Warm & Natural Indoor Ceilings

Bamboo rod ceiling

Trending – Warm & Natural Indoor Ceilings

Browse current homewares and lifestyle magazines and you’ll see a trend…

Indoor timber ceilings are making a comeback. But why put extra strain on the planet, when you have a sustainable alternative at your fingertips.

Bamboo ceilings are a smart, Eco-friendly design solution that offer you everything from a rustic, holiday resort look to high-end, contemporary design (like the images of Ramp House by Studio mk27 above, which can be replicated using our bamboo curved cladding – more info below)

Here at House Of Bamboo we have many exclusive products to whet your appetite. Whether you’re focussing on a spring garden design makeover or looking for the very latest design products for a major renovation, we have a vast collection of bamboo materials to suit.

bamboo ceiling


bamboo pole ceiling

Bamboo Pole Ceiling in restaurant in Japan

Most popular bamboo products for ceilings

In this inspirational round-up of various ceiling designs, you’ll find that the most popular House Of Bamboo products are:

Bamboo Poles – available in a variety of thicknesses and lengths, our bamboo rods can create a sleek interior design solution as seen above in a Japanese restaurant.

Cane Reed – perfect for a rustic, resort look you’ll feel like you’re always on holiday!

More styles of bamboo ceilings

Curved cladding – our exclusive contemporary bamboo boards have a curved profile and lend themselves extremely well to modern designs. Studio mk27 in Brazil have used a similar product to stunning effect in their Ramp House and Livraria Cultura projects. You can achieve this exact look with our renewable bamboo curved cladding product.

Easy to install, you simply attach the panels with screws or builders glue.

Natureed® – traditionally an outdoor product, our Natureed® has been used here at the Manly Hotel as a design feature for their ceiling.

Woven bamboo ceiling panels – these offer you a variety of different woven panel designs and come in large sheets so they are great for bigger areas.

Rattan – mostly used for furniture, why not get creative and use it as a stunning ceiling material! Handmade, our rattan comes in 11 different designs and a mixture of closed and open weaves. Extremely popular in the world of interiors, you’ll definitely be making a cutting edge statement.

Whatever your dream or inspiration, send us some images and we can help you source the right bamboo ceiling product to achieve the look you desire, and help with installation advice too. If you’re too busy and based in Sydney, we also have a team of expert installers who can do the job for you.

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