5 Simple Weekend Makeovers to Revitalise Your Home

5 Simple Weekend Makeovers to Revitalise Your Home

Pergola before makeover

Pergola – before makeover

Pergola after makeover

Pergola – after makeover with Natureed

Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of working in the cooler weather, and get your property ready for spring. We provide so many beautiful, natural materials which can transform your space very easily – you’ll be amazed!

Here we show you 5 simple ways to makeover your home…

#1 – Clad pergolas with Natureed

It couldn’t be simpler to purchase rolls of our stunning Natureed and fix them to an existing structure. We are the exclusive supplier of Natureed in Australia and it has been used in many TV shows to quickly transform backyards. It is a water reed – naturally resistant to water and termites, and available in many sizes to suit your project.

We carry stock here in Botany and also deliver nationally, so give us a call to discuss your application and we can advise on quantity of rolls to get your started!

As well as pergolas, Natureed also serves as an easy-to-install cladding solution for existing fences, to hide Colorbond, timber paling or lattice. We use 50% more reeds than other products on the market and a stainless steel wire so that it doesn’t deteriorate.

#2 – Make a bedhead out of our interior bamboo panels

This mini makeover literally takes 5 minutes and makes such a difference! Simply browse our site for woven bamboo panels and choose the design you like. The majority measure 2400 x 1200 mm which is perfect to fit behind a King Size bed.

The veneers (0.6mm thick) would need stapling or gluing to the wall, but the thicker panels easily drop in behind the bed and don’t even require fixing. The images below are of our popular BP-3 panel – double sided with an 11 mm herringbone weave on one side and a 13 mm herringbone weave on the other.

If you’re feeling adventurous try using a couple of our amazing split bamboo feature panels to achieve a bold, tropical look!

Woven bamboo bedhead

Woven bamboo bedhead

Woven bamboo bedhead

Bedhead using woven panel (BP-3)

#3 – Attach bamboo curved cladding to your eaves

For an amazing high-end, contemporary transformation, look no further that our bamboo curved cladding.

Below is an image of a recent residential project where it has been secured to the eaves / soffits of a home.

The material comes in lengths of 5400 mm with a width of 138 mm and is 18 mm thick. It is simply nailed or glued to the ceiling / eaves. You will achieve a dramatically different look very easily!

Bamboo curved cladding

Bamboo curved cladding

#4 treat the kids to a teepee tent!

House of Bamboo materials are frequently specified in childcare centres due to the national framework to link learning with exteriors and nature.

Our products are sustainable and textural and provide a beautiful space for your kids. And you’ll love them too! There are plenty of things you can make using our bamboo poles but our favourite is the teepee. Here’s how to make one in only 5 minutes…

STEP ONE: Purchase five of our 3 metre bamboo poles, diameter 40-50 mm

STEP TWO: Tie about 20 cm from the top with rope (we supply the rope as part of the teepee kit)

STEP THREE: Hoist the poles up and wriggle into position

Then you could throw over some fabric, pop some feathers in the top or other decorations. And that’s it!

House of Bamboo teepee

Teepee materials

House of Bamboo teepee

Bamboo teepee tied

House of Bamboo teepee

Teepee in position

House of Bamboo teepee

Top of bamboo teepee

#5 Hide those ugly bins

How many times have you thought to hide those unsightly bins but haven’t had the time?!

With our beautiful kempas screening you can do this in minutes! Our kempas hardwood screen has been designed especially to wrap easily around dustbins.

Simply measure the total width of your bin area and call us to work out which size screen you require. Usually it would be one of our KEM-4’s which measures H: 1200 x W: 2400 mm. This can be picked up from our showroom in Botany or we deliver nationally. Once there, all you need to do is place it in front of your bins and voila, instant improvement.

Kempas bin screen

Hide bins with our beautiful kempas screening

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