A Natural Profit On Your Home

A Natural Profit On Your Home


The recent and increasing real estate boom in Sydney has rekindled for most home owners an impetus to add character to outdoor living surrounds for a family’s own pleasure as well as resale value.

Transforming one’s backyard into a landscape design feature need not be an expensive nor arduous venture. Many lifestyle programs on prime television such as Backyard Blitz, Ground Force and Auction Squad have demonstrated just how easy it is. A recurring cost effective and aesthetic feature that seems to be reappearing on such shows is a natural fencing and roofing material called Natureed®, exclusive to House of Bamboo® in Botany, NSW.

According to Helen Snyders, co-owner of House of Bamboo®, Natureed® is said to be ideal for backyard renovating, especially for fencing, cladding and shade solutions.

“It is ideal in any garden setting, having a unique natural charm, which is neutral but enhancing to various garden styles,” she said.

“This new durable reed material is attractively priced and easy to install. It is ideal as cladding to transform old paling, metal or wire mesh fences, or to structure new freestanding fences, windbreaks, privacy or overhead shade screens for patio roofing, pergolas or canopies. It creates a modern yet tranquil look as well as providing a unifying element in many environs.”

This natural and durable material is bound with non-rusting galvanised wire in rolls of varying heights and lengths.Natureed® is resistant to termites and moisture and stands as a strong material allowing air and light to filter through, not only creating a serene atmosphere but also making it ideal for pool fencing, cladding and patio roofing.

Contact House of Bamboo®:
13 Erith St, Botany, NSW, 2019
Tel: 1300665703. www.houseofbamboo.com.au

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