5 Ways to Add Privacy in Your Outdoor Space

5 Ways to Add Privacy in Your Outdoor Space

5 Ways to Add Privacy in Your Outdoor Space

During the summer months, it’s a luxury to relax and enjoy the fresh air in your own backyard. However, this may not be the case if your space lacks privacy. Whether you’re lounging in your backyard alone or with guests, you wouldn’t want your neighbours to scrutinize your activities. However, that doesn’t mean you should just stay indoors or find another place to relax. Outdoor privacy screens come in different forms so you can block off unwanted attention every time you decide to stay in your backyard.

Here are some of the outdoor privacy screen solutions you might want to try.

5 Outdoor Privacy Screen Solutions to Try


1. Curtains

One of the simplest solutions to achieve outdoor privacy is curtains. It works the same as designing your home’s interior. It will also allow you to transition from one theme to another anytime. 

While not all backyards have posts that can hold curtains, there are other ways to put it up. You can hang curtains with a rope or wire using trees and other fixtures. Another option is to put up wooden posts in your backyard where you can fasten the rope that will hold the curtain.  Ensure they suit outdoor spaces or you could have some issues with the fabrics.


2. Planters

Creating privacy in your backyard opens the chance for you to work on your own garden too. Use planters in creating your outdoor privacy screen. You can choose from a range of plants and flowers that you can use to fill them. As much as possible, go for big planters, like an engineered bamboo planter. Plants that grow tall is also preferred as they help achieve the privacy you need. Some of the plants that you can use for your planters include:

  • Climbing roses
  • Buckthorn 
  • Privet


3. Trees

Do you have a big backyard that a planter just won’t be enough to keep your privacy? Trees and bushes are the way to go. They provide enough coverage and creates a beautiful and natural barrier between your property and your neighbour’s. Although it will take time to grow one, there are also the fast-growing trees that can provide the barrier you need in just a few years. However, if you have the budget, there are also big trees and bushes that are readily available for use.


4. Focal Point

Don’t you want to add privacy in your backyard without really making it look so obvious? You can do that by creating a focal point that will serve as a wall between your backyard and your neighbour’s. In creating a focal point, you can make use of different elements. Lights and fountains are both functional and aesthetic. With these additions, you may find more reasons to relax in your backyard.


5. DIY Privacy Screens

It won’t take a lot of time and effort to build an outdoor privacy screen on your own. There are now DIY materials that can help you come up with a nice and functional privacy screen. Choose materials that are suitable for outdoor use. Engineered bamboo for example is treated to H3 per Australian Standard AS1604. Pre-built privacy screens are also available so you can easily install them in your home.


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Privacy is very much important and if you can’t find it in your own backyard, you have several options. Take advantage of the outdoor privacy screen solutions so you can relax and be confident that you are not getting unwanted attention.

House of Bamboo offers natural and engineered privacy screens that can match your design and privacy requirements. Enquire now to learn more about this product!

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