Hide Thy Neighbour – 8 Privacy Solutions (Part Two)

Bamboo Outdoor Blinds | Tortoiseshell Style, Roll-up Version

Hide Thy Neighbour – 8 Privacy Solutions (Part Two)

Privacy screen, bamboo wood screen fencing

Privacy screens are so essential these days.

As Three Birds Renovations say:

“They’re easy to build, pretty inexpensive, but can completely change the way we live.”

To complete our round-up of ways to hide your neighbour we have four more inspiring products from House of Bamboo which are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional! You can view Part One here.

5. Bamboo Poles

bamboo pole privacy screen

A temporary privacy screen for a Chinese Official visit… take some inspiration from this recent project if you need to hide from your neighbours!

Bamboo poles come in 3 metre, meaning you can achieve a high and sculpturally beautiful privacy screen if built at least 900 mm away from your boundary (please always check guidelines and legislation with your local council before construction)

Client problem: Needed to create privacy from media and public for a weekend conference. It needed to be beautiful and in keeping with the hotel aesthetics whilst also representing a cultural reflection of the visiting parties.

Application: Bamboo was a perfect material as for Chinese people bamboo is a symbolisation of virtue. It reflects people’s soul and emotion. Bamboo poles were used to create a beautiful screen and as poles are lightweight yet “stronger than steel” it offered the perfect material.

Result: A beautiful screen, creating the privacy needed while reflecting the important values of Chinese culture.

Another very popular project using our bamboo poles as screening, is this garden design below by Brendan Moar, gaining extra privacy by attaching the bamboo poles to a solid screen.


6. Outdoor blinds

Client problem: Our clients had a beautiful outdoor area with a lovely resort-feel to it and required a stylish solution to block out their neighbour, but also one which wasn’t permanent.

Application: These elegant outdoor blinds are new to our range at House of Bamboo and are perfect for keeping the sun out on those hot summer days and also providing much need privacy from onlookers.

Outdoor blind shading

Result: A stunning design which works in harmony with their outdoor area. Air can flow through, the sun’s rays are filtered, and the neighbour is blocked.

You can find more options for blinds here – and if you like the ones you see in these images, please contact us for more information.

7. Multi-function portable screens for outdoors

In the same theme as above, not everyone wants or can have a permanent structure to hide their neighbours. Our moveable Multi-function screens are for people that want to be able to select privacy when you need it and then be able to move the screens out of the way.

We have standard sizes of 1.8m(H) x 1.5m(l) or 1.5m(H) x1.8m(L) with custom sizes also available.

Client problem: Paul had a balcony which was completely overlooked by a neighbouring block of apartments. He either had no privacy, or used a block-out blind which also stopped any natural light.

Application: His solution was to have us design two Multi-function privacy screens on wheels, using black bamboo which we painted. The screens were able to fit easily onto the balcony, and be rolled out of the way if required.

Result: A functional screen that is easy on the eye, allows light to enter Paul’s apartment, yet completely blocks the neighbours.

As an alternative to bamboo rod screens, you may prefer our popular Multi-function screen using Natureed®, our trademarked water reed resistant to water and termites, as shown below.

8. Decorative screens

Our laser cut decorative screens are available in a huge range of designs as well as different materials. Choose powder coated aluminium in a colour of your choice, or you may prefer the rusted look with Corten steel.

They are frequently used as vertical privacy screens and also overhead horizontal privacy screens which also act as a shading solution.

Engineered Screening Residential

Engineered Screening Residential

Client problem: Our client in Mosman needed to increase the height of the fence to hide his neighbours. He was drawn to our natural materials and wanted to add extra interest with a more detailed, botanical design.

Application: He selected our new engineered bamboo wood screening for the majority of the fencing and gate, as well as an incredible new decorative screen panel in Corten steel with 3D tree design.

Result: Our natural products such as bamboo rod screen, engineered bamboo wood screen & Natureed screens work really well mixed with decorative screening. As with this project, it breaks up the structure whilst adding lovely design interest to the space.

With so many designs available, there will be one to suit your style and taste, and provide a talking point for guests of your home and garden.

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