IN HOUSE OUT HOUSE with Tempest Landscaping

IN HOUSE OUT HOUSE with Tempest Landscaping

In house Out House

Congratulations to Sara Correia from Tempest Landscapes for her award-winning entry in the Balcony Garden Competition at the 2020 Melbourne International Flower Show.


Sara chose a theme of ECO APARTMENT LIVING blending innovative sustainability, 
texture and minimalism in her award-winning entry.  This naturally led to featured engineered bamboo.


Tempest Design

Sara’s vision was for a low maintenance space that created solitude and privacy and promoted wellbeing. Her design was a balance of organic and geometric forms featuring a sustainable bamboo sliding screen that softened the hard edges of the space by curving into the corner.

The other thoughtful style elements of the design helped to blend the visual aesthetics of the balcony space into the interior of the apartment, enabling a physical connection between the inside and the outside world.

"The incorporation of eco-friendly materials was fundamental in my design which is why we chose to use bamboo as it is kinder to soil, fast-growing and consumes less energy in transportation and harvesting.

We required an aesthetically pleasing, quality engineered bamboo product. House of Bamboo provided us with one of the worlds most sustainable and environmentally responsible materials that reduced the amount of volatile organic compounds within the space."

- Sara Correia

Tempest Landscaping’s  award winning design from the Balcony Garden Competition

 at the 2020 Melbourne International Flower Show.


 As well as bamboo, the balcony garden’s range of eco-friendly materials included recycled bricks, a natural wicker lampshade and natural lime paint, with the bamboo slider screen, seating and table, all being a collaboration with the House of Bamboo. The finishing elements include drought-tolerant plants and solar-powered lighting.

As Sara explains, “It had to be a low maintenance space for solitude which created privacy and promotes wellbeing. I wanted the visual aesthetics of the apartment to extend into the outdoor space enabling physical connection. We achieved this by using a balanced arrangement of organic and geometric forms. This included the House of Bamboo engineered  bamboo slider screen that is able to curve and adapt to a space, bringing thoughtful style elements from the interior to the exterior.”

Tempest have using engineered bamboo is a range of past projects to enhance their planting choices.

It’s clear Sara is committed to creating sustainable outdoor living. “It not only minimises the use of non-renewable resources but provides our clients with a healthier way of maintaining their outdoor space. It actively reduces water, air and soil pollution which is an important value.”

But this design was far beyond the planting and the design. The goal of this shape was shaped around a high level of research about how garden spaces can enhance our wellbeing. 

In 2010 UTS conducted a study which found a significant reduction in stress among people when plants were introduced to their workspace. These findings resulted in a 38% reduction in fatigue, anxiety and tension was reduced by 37%, there was a 58% decrease in depression and anger and hostility went down by 44%

 Researchers concluded that just one plant in a space can provide a very large lift to people’s spirits, wellbeing and staff performance. Professor Dr. Tove Fjeld (2011) believed that plants can probably result in a positive change and that we can assume that plants have a particular effect on the sense of wellbeing. 

The University of Exeter conducted similar research in 2014 finding that productivity increased by 15% when a handful of plants were introduced to a space. Researcher Dr Chris Knight said that one plant per square metre improved memory retention.

The Balcony Garden includes more than an average of two plants per square metre which is designed to promotes wellbeing, reduce stress, increase productivity and improve memory retention.


Sara has been working in the creative industries for over 20 years. She has taught at private secondary schools, lectured at Universities and presented at state, national and global conferences around the world. Sara is passionate about sustainable futures and is able to incorporate innovative sustainability through design, planning and implementation.

To see more designs from a Tempest Landscaping at

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