Easy Tips to Keep Your Backyard Cool during Summer

Easy Tips to Keep Your Backyard Cool During Summer

Easy Tips to Keep Your Backyard Cool during Summer

It’s summer once again. While, usually, this is the season of beach fun and adventures, you might find yourself spending more time at home now. Although it isn’t really a bad thing, it will be a lot better if you can make your space comfortable and relaxing.

One of the best places to lounge around is your backyard. However, during summer months, it would also expose you to heat. If you’re thinking of ways to give your backyard an upgrade to keep you cool and fresh during the sweltering months, here are some backyard improvement ideas that you can start with.

3 Backyard Improvement Ideas to Try this Summer


1. Keep it Under the Shade

Start with the basics. If you want to reduce the heat from the sun in your backyard, you need to create some shade. If there isn’t much tree cover in your backyard, there are options that you can try. A table umbrella or a shade sail can give you a covered spot to keep you comfortable. You can also use pergola screen panels that you can use as ceilings or shading to get the added sun protection you need. 

TIP: Plan the time you spend in your backyard to make sure that you will be able to stay away from the hottest times of the day.


2. Use the Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture for your backyard isn’t just about aesthetics or design. You also have to consider the right material. One of the types of furniture materials that you need to avoid is metal. It is a heat absorber so when it gets extremely hot in the summer, you wouldn’t want to get your skin near to it.

Your best options for outdoor furniture would be wood and wicker. Wood can last a long time because of its solid structure. On the other hand, wicker including rattan webbing is a good cooling alternative as it doesn’t absorb the sun’s heat that much. With the right furniture, you can still relax even when it gets really hot.


3. Water Features

Another backyard improvement idea that should make summer more bearable and fun for you is the addition of water features in your backyard. Water is one element that can help relieve exhaustion from heat. It’s a good thing that there are several water features that you can use to make your backyard summer-ready! Sprinklers can water the greens and it can bring joy to kids and kids-at-heart. Another water feature are fountains that can also be the focal point to enhance your home’s design.

TIP: Schedule the time when you’ll be using your water sprinkler. This will help you save water and prevent over watering the grass in your lawn.


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While you may find yourself spending more time at home this summer, that should not be a reason why you’ll feel less relaxed. Transform your backyard into a sanctuary where you can stay minus the usual discomforts of outdoor spaces. Start with the tips shared above!

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