75 Timber Slats Design Inspirations that Can Be Replaced with Bamboo

Timber Slats Design Inspirations that Can Be Replaced with Bamboo

75 Timber Slats Design Inspirations that Can Be Replaced with Bamboo

Don’t have a concrete design plan for your home yet this 2021? It’s not too late for a makeover. Better yet, you can improve your home while taking sustainability into consideration. While timber slats are common materials used for home design, you’d want to reconsider this option, especially with bamboo as an eco-friendly alternative that works just as great, too.

What are Timber Slats?


Timber slats may be referred to as timber sidings, wood slats, or timber weatherboarding. They are described as thin strips of wood that can be arranged in a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal manner.


Why Use Bamboo as a Substitute for Timber Slats?

Timber slats are widely used in modern and contemporary homes. However, bamboo has also gained its market and already proven its benefits over regular timber. If you’re not yet convinced, here are some of the reasons why you should also consider using bamboo as an alternative to timber slats for your home design inspirations.

  • Sustainable – Bamboo is an  environmentally friendly material. It doesn’t pose a threat to the environment and is also safe for humans.
  • Durable – Even for a long time, bamboo can  retain its quality and appearance. When used without any protective treatment or maintenance, bamboo can last for 2 years. While when stored under cover, bamboo may last up to 7 years even without treatment.
  • Versatile – As bamboo has a natural look, it is easier for them to add emphasis to the beauty of a room. Adding texture and character to your space is also easy with bamboo. In fact, you can use it while preserving its natural colours or use coloured paints to match the theme of your room.
  • Insulating – Unlike other materials,  bamboo has  thermal insulating properties similar to wood walls. 
  • Appealing – The natural look of wood gives bamboo a unique beauty that can easily be incorporated into any space. It complements a range of home designs while adding aesthetic value to any property.


Ready to replace timber slats with bamboo  for your home design?

To give you some brilliant ideas, this article shares 75 of the most fabulous timber slats design inspirations that can be easily recreated using bamboo to achieve  fabulous transformations in your space.


75 Timber Slats Design Ideas that You Can Complete with Bamboo

Timber Slats Design Ideas that You Can Complete with Bamboo


Timber Slats Design for Bedrooms


bedroom designImage Source: http://kdva.co/ 

  1. Create a bedroom design that can soothe all your stress and worries after a long day. Add a wooden panel made with bamboo  slats and use LED lights that accent the area and soothe the nerves.


bamboo slatsImage Source: https://pavelalekseev.houzz.ru/

  1. As bamboo slats are versatile and naturally beautiful, you can combine them with grey and white prints and they will blend to create a beautiful space. Use bamboo as an alternative to timber slats with this design that can take your bedroom to another level without really going overboard.


bedroom’s unique designImage Source: http://www.fatihbeserek.com/

  1. Got a curved wall? Highlight your bedroom’s unique design by adding bamboo slats on one corner of the wall. The vertical arrangement of the bamboo slats makes it easier to lead the eyes to the curved area of your bedroom.


privacy in your homeImage Source: https://www.renonation.sg/professional/the-scientist/ 

  1. Add more privacy in your home by setting boundaries on specific areas. Bamboo just like timber slats can be used as a wooden divider that can separate the main bedroom from other areas so you can enjoy privacy.


bamboo in natural coloursImage Source: https://www.contemporist.com/

  1. Wouldn’t you like to stay in a bedroom that has a sense of warmth? In this bedroom design, bamboo in natural colours can be used to replace timber slats as a backdrop for the bed and wall at the same time.


Glass and woodImage Source: https://www.decoist.com/

  1. Glass and wood really go well together. This modern bedroom design combines timber slats and wood to add privacy without necessarily using curtains or blinds. Create an eco-friendly version of this with bamboo!


natural tones in this bedroom designImage Source: https://www.southforkfoodtruck.com/

  1. Don’t you like the combination of natural tones in this bedroom design? Bamboo just like timber slats make nice wall accents that add a homey atmosphere to space.


masculinityImage Source: https://www.davincilifestyle.com/

  1. Perfect for men, this bedroom design has the masculinity that fits a bachelor. However, it eliminated an intimidating look especially with the wood accents made of timber slats. You can achieve the same results using bamboo in natural colours.


Timber slats were used in this designImage Source: http://www.justinteriorideas.com/tag/details 

  1. Timber slats were used in this design to add a plain vertical wall accent. Use bamboo as a replacement and create a  perfect complement of muted tones used in the room. Don’t forget the hanging lights as a finishing touch!


sleeping areaImage Source: https://decomyplace.com/n.php?id=8173

  1. Here’s another way to add privacy to your sleeping area. In this bedroom design, timber slats were used to separate the storage from the main bedroom.  This design idea can easily be recreated with engineered bamboo.


While timber slats are commonly used as is, either in horizontal or vertical manner, there are other options to accent your home using bamboo slats.

For a unique and striking effect, you can feature geometric patterns in bedrooms using a combination of stained bamboo battens instead of timber slats.


dark and light coloured bamboo slatsImage Source: http://www.home-designing.com/

  1. Combine dark and light coloured bamboo slats to create an interwoven pattern that makes a nice focal point of your bedroom.


modern look in your bedroomImage Source: https://grigorevdesign.ru/

  1. Want a modern look in your bedroom? You can achieve that with bamboo slats. Create an accent wall with 3D triangular patterns for a design that reveals the other side of bamboo as a suitable alternative to timber slats.


geometric wallImage Source: https://www.digsdigs.com/modern-bedrooms/

  1. Another way to achieve an eye-catching wall accent with timber slats is to create a geometric wall. Combined with hanging wall lamps with modern designs, this bedroom design guarantees to wow! With bamboo as a material, you can turn this design inspiration into an eco-friendly hub too!


Not a fan of wood undertones? You can still use bamboo  for bedroom designs that normally use timber slats.

Feel free to paint them in whatever shade you want to create an accent that complements the entire look of your bedroom and of course, adds up to its aesthetics value.


wall accentImage Source: http://nevistudio.pl/ 

  1. Check out this wall accent that makes use of different colors. Timber slats were  coloured and can paired with other types of wood. Do this with engineered bamboo so you can create an intriguing work of art out of a plain and simple wall.


dark stained bamboo slatsImage Source: http://www.dudinec.com/ 

  1. Achieve perfect contrast and strike interest by combining dark stained bamboo slats with light colored bricks. You’ll be surprised how bamboo can match the beauty of timber slats.


dark stained bamboo slatsImage Source: http://www.ilkingurbanov.com/

  1. Another way to use dark stained bamboo slats is to enhance it with white and gray accents and some nice lighting. It’s not just timber slats that can create elegant and modern design transformations, bamboo does it great too!


spaced timber slats in black colourImage Source: http://www.archants.com/

  1. Simple but absolutely striking. It only takes widely spaced timber slats in black colour to create a striking wall accent that’s surely eye catching. With engineered bamboo, you’ll achieve the same results or might even exceed your expectations too! 


engineered bamboo slatted battensImage Source: http://designmag.fr/ 

  1. White is a foolproof way to create an illusion of space. Perfect for the minimalist, this white wall accent made with timber slats painted in white is an easy way to make your bedroom more inviting. Achieve better results with engineered bamboo slatted battens that can be used in a range of ways for your home.


Paint engineered bamboo slats in black paintImage Source: http://architizer.com/firms/freedes-studio/ 

  1. Do you want an intimidating look for your bedroom design? You can achieve this even without timber slats. Paint engineered bamboo slats  in black paint and use them as walls or partitions in your bedroom. Black has a strict and dominant appeal that is perfect for executives.


engineered bamboo slats in different coloursImage Source: https://www.behance.net/lyudmyla_dumin 

  1. Not really a fan of muted tones? Add a splash of bright colours into your room by combining engineered bamboo slats in different colours. While this was done with timber slats,  you can create an accent wall that fits your personality using bamboo!


sophisticated featureImage Source: https://www.hgtv.com/

  1. Even in its simplicity, engineered bamboo slats can replace timber slats to create a sophisticated feature in your bedroom. This headboard is easy to do on your own and easily adds charm to your space.


Timber Slats Design for Indoor Kitchens


continuous line of timber slatsImage Source: https://www.trendir.com/

  1. Have you always wanted to add a zen like appeal to your kitchen? Here’s a design that features a continuous line of timber slats that extend from the walls to the ceiling. Bamboo has been used for a wide range of ceilings and shadings so it should be an easy decision to replace timber slats with engineered bamboo.


bamboo slatted battensImage Source: https://www.designboom.com/

  1. Here’s another version of the previous timber slats design. The only difference is that this time, slats used were set apart from each other–a design that you can easily achieve with bamboo slatted battens.


bamboo slats off your wallsImage Source: https://www.digsdigs.com/

  1. Want to keep bamboo slats off your walls? Use it to adorn your ceiling. In this minimalist design, white space is complemented with timber slats ceiling. A large skylight has been used for added sleekness and natural appeal. As engineered bamboo is perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this design promises outstanding results.


indoor kitchen using minimal engineered bamboo slatsImage Source: http://www.home-designing.com/luxurious-interior-with-wood-slat-walls 

  1. Here’s another way to accentuate your indoor kitchen using minimal engineered bamboo slats. Stain your bamboo slats with your desired colour and use it to design a plain ceiling. Finish with lights for the best effects. With the right materials, you won’t see the difference between bamboo and timber slats. 


wall accentsImage Source: https://www.houzz.com.au/

  1. Here’s an interesting design for those who want to make the most of their space. Here, timber slats were used as wall accents. But the interesting part here is the actual design of the kitchen island that is actually suspended over the stairs! Can you also imagine how great this design will be using engineered bamboo?


kitchen design timber slatsImage Source: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/

  1. Here’s an easy DIY project you can add to your kitchen design. Bamboo just like timber slats are so versatile that you can turn them into a modern wall rack! Simple to put together and with wall hooks, your charming kitchen wall rack is complete!


timber slats as baseImage Source: https://www.houzz.com.au/

  1. Another accent that you can add to your kitchen is an island that’s basically enhanced by using timber slats as base. Both functional and pretty that it’s worth a second glance! However, with bamboo as an alternative, you will be able to incorporate sustainability into its design. 


Want to take your kitchen to the outdoors? No problem. Bamboo, as with timber slats, is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. 

Here are some design inspirations for your outdoor kitchen.


Timber Slats Design for Outdoor Kitchens


kitchen outdoorsImage Source: https://www.gardenista.com/ 

  1. Take your kitchen outdoors but don’t forget your privacy. This time, use bamboo instead of timber slats as fences so you can dine and have fun as much as you want without worrying about neighbors seeing your every move.


bamboo slats, metals and stoneImage Source: https://www.airtasker.com/blog/outdoor-kitchen/

  1. Keep your outdoor kitchen chic, clean and contemporary with this kitchen design. Combine bamboo slats, metals and stone for a minimalist look. You can also add other wooden furniture to complete the setup. With engineered bamboo, you’ll be surprised by how great the transformations can be even without timber slats!


kitchen design, timber slatsImage Source: https://www.airtasker.com/

  1. Want to take your kitchen outdoors but would rather keep the storage hidden from view? In this kitchen design, timber slats were used not only for the fence but also to keep the cabinets under the counter hidden. Minimalist and streamlined to create a clean and inviting look in your space. Bamboo can be used for outdoor projects, too. Not only beautiful, they are also durable especially with proper treatments.


engineered bamboo slats in your outdoor kitchenImage Source: https://www.airtasker.com/blog/outdoor-kitchen/

  1. Maximise the use of engineered bamboo slats in your outdoor kitchen. And why not? This material can basically be used for almost all your kitchen essentials including cabinets, counters, accents and benches. Timber slats are definitely not your only option for outdoor renovations.


Screens made of timber slatsImage Source: https://www.loveproperty.com/ 

  1. Screens made of timber slats are not just designed for privacy. They also make a nice feature in your outdoor kitchen where you can hang your kitchen essentials. But did you know that bamboo privacy screens work just as great too? You can even play with a range of colours and designs to complete this piece for your home–whether for indoor or outdoor use.


wall accentImage Source: https://renoguide.com.au/ 

  1. As you take your kitchen outdoors, don’t forget to set a special place for your barbie! The best thing about this is that you can create an enclosure made of engineered bamboo slats to tuck away your barbecue pit whenever you want. What would be left is a nice wall accent that complements your outdoor kitchen. And because, you didn’t make use of timber slats, you’ll be able to keep your barbecue parties eco-friendly too!


kitchen with a chic counterImage Source: https://www.simplygrove.com/outdoor-kitchens/ 

  1. Furnish your outdoor kitchen with a chic counter even without timber slats. Bamboo slatted battens can be used for this design inspo. Create a focal point where you can place your cooktop and add an open shelving where you can put  items that you’d want to display.


Outdoor kitchens and black furnishingImage Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au

  1. Outdoor kitchens and black furnishing make the perfect pair Accentuate them further by using engineered bamboo. Here, timber slats in various shades were  used. You can also achieve the same effects with bamboo for your exterior wall and ceiling.


en tabletop and as storageImage Source: https://www.digsdigs.com/

  1. Want an outdoor kitchen but doesn’t have much space? Add a table that you can use as a kitchen tabletop and as storage for your outdoor essentials. Don’t forget to add privacy screens but this time, use bamboo instead of timber slats to complete the setup.


privy, privacy screensImage Source: https://thedesignfiles.net/

  1. For those who want to keep outdoor celebrations more privy, privacy screens are a must. To create a truly private haven, keep the fence tall to protect your space and keep your kitchen and dining area away from your neighbor’s eyes.


concrete and timberImage Source: https://www.digsdigs.com/

  1. Outdoor kitchens are perfect to showcase the combination of modern concrete and timber. Use concrete for your kitchen counters while instead of timber slats, you can use bamboo for your wall accents and cabinets.


minimalist and sustainable outdoor kitchenImage Source: https://www.pinterest.com.au 

  1. For a minimalist and sustainable outdoor kitchen, you can combine a range of stained bamboo slatted battens for an outstanding setup. Whether you’ll use bamboo slats for the fence, cabinet, ceiling or floor, results are guaranteed to be great as if you actually used timber slats!


outdoor kitchen designImage Source: https://www.diynetwork.com/ 

  1. Here;s an outdoor kitchen design that puts emphasis on the versatility of timber slats. See how the slats extended as a base for kitchen counters to a side table and built-in bench seating? Absolutely amazing isn’t it? But you can do better with bamboo especially with its outstanding features that make it a better alternative to wood!


You may not be interested in taking your kitchen to the outdoors but still, there’s a way to use timber slats to enhance the exterior of your home. Let’s take a look at some design ideas for your patios and find out how you can use bamboo instead of timber!


Timber Slat Design for Patios


outdoor seating areaImage Source: https://abeautifulmess.com/

  1. Your outdoor seating area will look cleaner and more inviting with a nice white backdrop. Timber slats make nice privacy fences and with a little paint work. With bamboo as an alternative to timber,  it would also be easy to achieve this look.


patio designImage Source: https://hipages.com.au/

  1. Want to keep patios dry so you can party in whatever kind of weather? Do it while maintaining style. In this patio design, polycarbonate roof was used with timber slats to create an all-weather shade. Try it with a bamboo ceiling and you’ll be amazed with the results!


bamboo slats panelImage Source: http://www.home-designing.com/

  1. Add a stylish accent to patios with this bamboo slats panel. Just like timber slats, it can work as a screen, divider, accent, and even as a place to grow your vertical garden!


bamboo slats with bold and colourful geometric flooringImage Source: https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/

  1. Make patios more interesting by pairing plain and simple engineered bamboo slats with bold and colourful geometric flooring. This design makes no room for boring moments.


patio engineered bambooImage Source: https://abeautifulmess.com/indoor-pendant-light-for-outdoor-use/

  1. Love the idea of staying outdoors but still want some privacy? Use engineered bamboo slats to create your secluded space in your patio so you can stay away from others’ view and still enjoy the outdoors. Don’t forget to add some nice lighting for your little haven just in case it gets a bit dark!


extending outdoors while staying indoorsImage Source: https://decosolitions.com

  1. Setting up your patio is like extending outdoors while staying indoors. Enjoy the comfort of your home while enjoying the breeze and scenery. Timber slats were used for this design but bamboo slats work just as great. They can be arranged diagonally to create a fence like structure that lets the air in.


wood patiosImage Source: https://decosolitions.com

  1. Some of the best looking patios are made of wood. So if you want a foolproof way to design your patio, you can always add some timber slats in every way possible. But, if you are also after sustainability too, you have a better alternative in bamboo. Use it for the bench, wall, roof, fence, and more!


Patios bamboo slatsImage Source: https://decosolitions.com/

  1. Patios are perfect to unwind and just enjoy the surroundings. But you can be extra by making the atmosphere more cozy. How? Just add a fixture made with bamboo slats to transform your space from ordinary to extraordinary!


Do you have a pool in your home that can use some upgrade? Here are some ideas that show how bamboo instead of timber slats can be used in transforming the pool area of your home–from privacy screens to useful features!


Timber Slat Design for Pool Areas


pool privacy screenImage Source: https://www.decoist.com/

  1. When it comes to the pool area, privacy counts and there’s no problem in achieving that with a privacy screen. Don’t have timber slats? Achieve outstanding results with engineered bamboo.


privacy fence designImage Source: https://houseofbamboo.com.au/

  1. In this privacy fence design, you’ll see how modern perfectly blends with wood to achieve a contemporary and functional design for your pool area. Think they used timber slats? Nope, its bamboo.


pool area fenceImage Source: https://www.gardenista.com/posts/swimming-pool-fences-roundup/

  1. If you want a fence around your pool area but doesn’t want full enclosure, this design is the way to go. It makes use of horizontal timber slats that allow air and light circulation. Recreate this pool enclosure using bamboo.


Privacy screens made of timber slatsImage Source: https://www.dezeen.com/

  1. Privacy screens made of timber slats can be used not only to keep you away from your neighbor’s view. But you can also do that with bamboo and even achieve better results. You can use it as a separator that will somehow keep the changing area and shower room secluded.


balcony near your pool areaImage Source: https://www.dezeen.com/

  1. Is there a balcony near your pool area? Make sure that you and your guests won’t be conscious as you lounge in the pool. Use engineered bamboo slats to enclose the balcony as they work as great as timber slats to ensure that  you can have as much fun as you want without worries.


enclosure made of engineered bamboo slatsImage Source: https://www.woohome.com/

  1. Don’t have much space to create a separator for your shower room and changing area? You can create an enclosure made of engineered bamboo slats. This can be installed in a corner without really requiring much space. 


timber slats as wall claddingImage Source: https://renoguide.com.au/

  1. Coverage and comfort are what this space offers. Designed with timber slats as wall cladding, you can use bamboo instead to separate space for those who want to shower without losing a chic and homey appeal while making them more comfortable too.


connect your pool area to your homeImage Source: https://www.housebeautiful.com/

  1. Would you like to connect your pool area to your home? You can set up a door leading to your home using bamboo so you can have convenient access to and fro.


Now, if you’re the type who would rather take all your efforts to improve your indoor environment. Here are some design inspirations that guarantee to transform living rooms from boring to dashing!


Timber Slat Design for Living Rooms


cosy enclosures using timber slatsImage Source: http://www.home-designing.com/

  1. This design inspiration turned exposed corners to cosy enclosures using timber slats. You can do this too by installing slatted walls made of engineered bamboo to create a contemporary living room design that defines specific areas in your home.


engineered bamboo slats used as screensImage Source: https://www.decoist.com/

  1. Living rooms are the perfect spaces for relaxation. With engineered bamboo slats used as screens, you’ll have enhanced privacy without completely blocking your view. You’ll even do your part in preserving the environment with the alternative you chose for timber slats.


timber slats in your modern living roomImage Source: https://www.digsdigs.com/wooden-ceiling-ideas/

  1. There are just several ways to add timber slats in your modern living room. Likewise, bamboo is versatile enough to turn your design inspirations into reality. If you are not fond of wooden wall accents, you can add a ceiling made with timber slats to create a natural touch to your contemporary space.


living roomImage Source: https://www.dezeen.com

  1. Do you want to allow natural light into your living room without necessarily compromising security and privacy? Timber slats were used here but you can work with bamboo too. Use it as a sun shading screen and add a natural element to your living area at the same time.


engineered bamboo slats to strategic cornersImage Source: https://www.houzz.in/

  1. Define spaces by adding engineered bamboo slats to strategic corners. Arrange them the way you’ll do with timber slats to enclose stairs or use it for your walls. Whichever, you’ll be able to add a contemporary look to your living room.


living room using engineered bamboo slatsImage Source: https://www.dwell.com

  1. Want a striking addition to your living room using engineered bamboo slats? Add a canopy that works as a wall accent at the same time. Use it with your sofa or even a sofa bed! Perfect for small spaces, you can even use it as an extra bed whenever you have guests who’ll stay overnight.


door made with bamboo slatted battensImage Source: https://www.thesavvyheart.com/

  1. Another accent that you can’t say no to is a door made with bamboo slatted battens that will serve as entryways from your living room to other areas in your home. They add texture and dimension while allowing you the convenience to separate activities from one area to another–just like the way timber slats do!


timber slats in your living roomImage Source: https://www.houzz.in/

  1. Another way to add timber slats in your living room without overwhelming your overall design is by using it as a TV wall. Use bamboo slats instead to recreate the look Simple but will never fail to capture attention.


TV wall design that’s made from timber slatsImage Source: https://www.pinterest.com/ 

  1. Here’s another TV wall design that’s made from timber slats. But unlike the previous, this design offers more functionality as the timber slats extend further to serve as a console that can be used as a built-in shelf. Try it with bamboo not only to achieve aesthetics but to add value to your investment and protect the environment. Perfect for living areas in small homes!


sliding enclosureImage Source:  https://www.pinterest.at/

  1. Would you rather keep your telly hidden from view to preserve the theme you want for your living room? Timber slats would be perfect for that — but bamboo also promises exceptional results! Turn it into a sliding enclosure that will perfectly complement your home’s aesthetics.


engineered bamboo instead of timber slatsImage Source: https://www.renonation.sg/ 

  1. However, if you want it to become an interesting visual in your living room, you can still use engineered bamboo instead of timber slats. This design inspo showcases a Zen flair. It’s also striking to see how those vertical slats were carefully arranged and painted to make them look like inverted matchsticks. Brilliant!


natural and muted tonesImage Source: https://www.renonation.sg

  1. Do you feel that the walls in your living room are too high that they seem to make your space less intimate or comforting? You can use engineered bamboo slats to counter those effects. With natural and muted tones, that would be easy to achieve. You can also add a slatted ceiling to reduce height and add a cosy atmosphere to your space.


timber slats as dividers or a swing doorImage Source: https://www.asiaone.com/

  1. Join spaces to allow accessibility. With timber slats you can use timber slats as dividers or a swing door. It has an inviting effect that makes adjacent rooms as interesting as your living area. Likewise, it allows privacy whenever you need it.


bamboo slats Japanese inspired windowImage Source: https://www.vanillaluxury.sg

  1. While timber slats are commonly used as privacy screens, you can also use bamboo slats to add a unique and oriental touch to it–just like this a Japanese inspired window. See how the timber slat screens by the windows resemble shoji screens in Japan? Not only does it elevate screen designs, it also adds a warm and cosy vibe to the entire area.


engineered bamboo slats wall accent with wooden floor and wooden furnitureImage Source: http://www.breakingon.com/

  1. If you’re fond of mid-century interiors, creating it in your modern space shouldn’t be a problem. Match engineered bamboo slats wall accent with wooden floor and wooden furniture to achieve a design that moves away from the contemporary.


Whitewash timber slatsImage Source: https://www.digsdigs.com/

  1. Would you rather dominate your interior with white? Whitewash timber slats so that the wood design will not be fully covered. You can also use bamboo instead. Use the slats for a design that extends from the walls to the ceilings of your living room. With this design, you’ll achieve an interior dominated by white without losing the cosy ambiance created by wooden furnishing.


timber slats accent from ceiling to wallImage Source: https://www.dmlights.com

  1. Here’s another way to use a timber slats accent from ceiling to wall. This time, the slatted wall acts as a separator between the living room and other areas of the home. Again, you can do this with bamboo. With its properties, there’s no way that it won’t match the theme of your room.


timber slats wall in your living roomImage Source: https://www.ourcraftyhome.co.uk/

  1. Lastly, don’t forget that aside from aesthetics, bamboo  also have insulating properties. So, if you’re planning to install a timber slats wall in your living room, choose bamboo. You can opt to create an acoustic wall to soundproof your entertainment area. Just use a damping material with bamboo slats to reduce echo in your space.


It is no longer unusual to find timber slats as part of home designs or furniture. Likewise, bamboo furniture and structures are gaining great popularity. With these  materials, you can go beyond the usual when it comes to aesthetic improvements and functionality while preserving the warm and homey feel in every area of your home.

Ready to use  engineered bamboo instead timber slats for your DIY home project? Visit our shop to find the materials you’ll need for your next renovation job!

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