Woolworths Expand their Sustainability Initiative

Woolworths Expand their Sustainability Initiative

For many Australian businesses, the tumultuous events of the past year have brought with them a new perspective on what is important, especially in the fields of sustainability and mindful design. From architectural forums to TEDxSydney, the call for better options and more accessible resources has seen materials such as engineered bamboo – which is a truly beautiful product that delivers on durability and packs a sustainability punch – take centre stage.

Historically and through continued education, House of Bamboo helps Australian businesses find new ways to bring sustainability to every part of their operation. So, it is exciting to announce that we have recently supplied bamboo product for an interior refurbishment project with Woolworths Food Group.
Woolworths is working towards a greener future through  a number of initiatives; ranging from more sustainable packaging using less plastic, to sustainable sourcing and a transition to 100% renewable energy by 2025.

Woolworths Cabramatta with new bamboo fixtures 

For its renewed store fit-out at Cabramatta, in Western Sydney, Woolworths Food Group decided to use sustainable bamboo products in place of timber in joinery, fixtures and wall finishes. Why? Bamboo is an organic product that looks and feels like timber but offers 30% more oxygen production and absorbs 4 times more C02  than trees during their growth cycle.
House of Bamboo had the pleasure of working with Jessica Leckie, the industrial designer on the project from Woolworths Food Group, and we were able to present to her a number of different options to achieve the desired look and feel.

"When selecting finishes for our stores, we endeavour to communicate our brand values and make considered decisions for a sustainable future. Bamboo is a finish that resonates with our customers in this store and makes a great choice for its durability in heavy traffic environments as well as its green attributes. As a renewable resource, we are making choices for a better future."

 – Jessica Leckie, Woolworths Food Group
When our CEO, Jennifer Snyders was invited to view the store, she was delighted at how well the materials complemented and blended with the design.
“The outcome looks fantastic in the new Cabramatta location and we hope to work with Woolworths on future projects,” she says. “The commitment of large organisations such as Woolworths is key to showing other businesses the possibilities of bamboo.”

Jennifer Snyders, House of Bamboo CEO, encourages more businesses  to use bamboo.

Jennifer also adds that sustainability should be part of any design consideration.“We are now in a world where all our choices have a lasting impact. Woolworths is testament to that,” she says. “They are championing the change in how we can approach sustainable commercial design. With a growth cycle of only 5-7 years compared to the average 30 to 50 years required for common hardwoods, you have a product that has a minimum of 5 times the harvest capacity and supports reforestation initiatives. This is a win for us and the planet.”
With the advancement of engineering, bamboo is no longer just a pole, it has a multitude of interior and exterior applications.
To see the range of inventive ways bamboo is now being used, click through to our Projects Page or contact the team on 1300 665 703.

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