Bamboo Screens

House of Bamboo offers a wide range of bamboo rod screens that you can use for privacy, shading, as a ceiling or wall feature. Our natural bamboo screens offer the functionality you require, along with the aesthetic value that brings improvement to any property.

Bamboo Rod Screen:

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Bamboo Screen Projects – Before & After

When keeping prying eyes away matters to you, we have a wide range of bamboo rod privacy screens to enhance your home. Cast your eyes over the different designs available.

Before Natural Bamboo Natural Bamboo
Black Bamboo Screen Fencing Before & After Black Bamboo Screen Fencing Before & After
Black Bamboo Screen Fencing Before & After Black Bamboo Screen Fencing Before & After

Bamboo Screen Ceilings & Shading

Thinking of bringing the traditional look of bamboo into your home or al fresco dining area?

Want to block the heat of the sun, but not all the light?

Our bamboo screens bring a sense of tropical calm into your home giving you many creative ways to style your ceilings with the traditional look of bamboo.

Choose thick and strong poles for a bold dramatic look, or thin light poles for a more elegant refined effect.

When used for ceilings our bamboo screens make quite a statement, from resort style to something more contemporary. Being extremely lightweight they are easy to install.

Outside use them for shading in a variety of ways; above decks and pergolas, or in garden areas that require respite from the heat. Bamboo screens provide protection from the sun while still letting natural breezes flow through.

Our bamboo screens come in various natural shades and colours from light to dark, meaning the style possibilities are endless. You are bound to find one you love.

Being a 100% natural product, bamboo may occasionally split or crack when used outdoors, but this does not affect its strength or how long it will last.

Cracking is more likely in drier climates, but this will depend on how much sun the bamboo is exposed to and exactly where it is used.

Fading can be delayed with the application of a clear protector or add a colour additive to maintain the colour, just like you do with timber decking.

Bamboo Screen Fencing & Screening

Do you sometimes feel your garden is not as private as you’d like?

Do you want to screen out something unsightly or create an inviting little nook somewhere in your garden?

Our bamboo rod screens give you a variety of sustainable choices for fencing or privacy screening in your garden. You can use them in so many different ways.

Create privacy screens anywhere you need to keep away from prying eyes. Around the pool, on the deck, the bbq area or just your favourite part of your garden where you like to relax.

If you’d prefer to screen something from your own eyes, our bamboo screens do the job with natural beauty.

Screen off an unsightly wall or fence. Disguise an old Colourbond or paling fence with cladding. Transform unappealing old brick or wire fences with the tropical look of bamboo screening.

In many cases, you’ll find our fencing solutions mean you don’t have to start from scratch. Simply use our bamboo screening to beautify or extend the height of an existing fence.

Our bamboo screens come in a range of thicknesses and a variety of colours from the light natural colour of bamboo to darker colours for more exotic looks. You can use them both horizontally and vertically to create dramatically different design effects for privacy screens.

Remember that as a 100% natural product bamboo may fade or split in outdoor settings, however this does not affect its longevity or structural strength. You can protect it against greying using a clear protector or even add colour to it.

Bamboo Screen Walls, Cladding & Joinery

Looking to bring an Asian or exotic theme into areas of your home?

Need to liven up flat, dull and lifeless walls or interior areas?

Our bamboo screens can bring an instant sense of the exotic into your home in so many ways. You are limited only by your imagination.

Available in wide range of thicknesses from thin and elegant to thick and sturdy, bamboo screens can be used either vertically or horizontally for dramatically different effects.

As they come in a wide range of colours, from the honey colour of natural bamboo to the darker, more exotic, black bamboos.

Imagine how a dining area can be instantly transformed with a bamboo screen. A living area livened up. A sunroom made more exotic. Even a hallway, entrance area or al fresco dining area can be given a new lease of life with sustainable, natural bamboo screens.

You can also use them to screen off parts of your home you’d rather your guests didn’t see, divide rooms or create private little nooks or spaces.

Other creative uses of bamboo screens include the facing of counters or wall panels to provide texture and assist with acoustics.

Our bamboo screens come ready made in rolls so you can start using them right away.

Bamboo Screen Privacy Screens

Look for privacy screens that capture the traditional look of bamboo?

When you think of privacy screens and bamboo, you may immediately think of a traditional bamboo screen. And you wouldn’t be wrong.

People have been using bamboo screening for thousands of years to create the privacy they desire. If you’ve ever seen a thicket of bamboo, you’ll know how well it can block prying eyes.

Of all the choices you have for creating privacy screens, none is more sustainable than bamboo. Our bamboo rod screens give you a wide variety of thicknesses and colours with which to create your own private little world.

They are light, strong and able to be installed horizontal or vertically to give you a myriad of looks that will keep you safely screened away from nosey neighbours.

And, as the screens as sold in a roll, it is easy to see how you can simply create curved privacy screens in many places around your garden. From a screen around a rounded pool, spa or pond to a curved deck, patio or pergola.

Bamboo rod privacy screens can be attached to overhead beams, eaves, pergolas or verandahs in a number of ways to simply hang like a blind giving you a simple and cost effective privacy screen.